Rice Workshop II The Lab Nitrogen Gelato @ Friday, February 07, 2014

Rice Workshop & The Lab Nitrogen Gelato

Last Friday we went to Rice Workshop for dinner. It was not a good day to be in China Town.

The menu is huge, pretty much you can get anything as a salad, with rice or udon noddles. And for those who prefer custom meals you can get that too - but do note that everything in deep fried, almost.

For those who picked something from the menu it only takes minutes too cook, and they do this while you wait in a cafeteria style line, though I don't recall seeing trays...

There's a fridge section for Japanese drinks, salads like potato and seaweed and a range of assorted asian desserts, unfortunately I couldn't hold still long enough to get a picture.

At the end of the line you pay and there's trays with pickles and sauces.

Where shall we sit? Not upstairs! It's suffocating and cramped up there! No pictures cause there were too many people and they were watching rather than chatting to others and eating.

Kimchi Beef $9.20
No. 3 Sliced beef topped with fermented spicy veggies seasoned. 

His comment was that the bowl was too deep and so you'd have the toppings before the rice. No comment on the octopus balls. Jas does not talk very much, saving it up all for his vlog. :P Though not in a frenemies/mean girls way. 

Teriyaki Chicken Udon $7.50
No. 13 Udon noodle soup topped with Teriyaki Chicken. 

I had the terayki udon (I couldn't decided between rice, salad or udon, so he picked).  Struggled with my plastic fork/spoon, everything that they were your food in is disposable - except the tray. If we have to eat here again I'm going BYO cutlery. Terayaki chicken was nice, but not anywhere as amazing as Purple Peanuts, jas agrees.

The Bill 

Round one dessert was green tea soft serve, which he said had a green tea aftertaste but was vanilla except green. I've had it a few times and this one was the most intense flavour. Dislike, looks like they didn't mix it up well. Also the top half of my cone was stale! 

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Dessert round two we went to the wrong place. We were meant to go to Brunswick N2, but instead went to the one on Bourke St. Different menus... That's how I figured it out.

The Menu
*click to enlarge*  

He had the gaytime (lol, no it's an ice cream actually) while he said 
tasted nothing like the ice cream, but rather salted caramel. 

I had the TimTam, great topping (actual tim tam bites) 
but other than that it was just high quality milk chocolate ice cream. 

Could be improved by incorporating chunks of the cookie throughout the ice cream.  

Dislike. I can do this at home, all you need is the ice cream and crushed TimTams.

Looking forwards (thanks Sally) to trying N2 which I heard it much much better, the only thing this one has over the other is the location.

Have you tried nitrogen ice cream?    

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Blogger Sally Li said... on February 7, 2014 at 11:28 AM  

forwards? its forward

Blogger Kacie said... on February 7, 2014 at 5:52 PM  

I always love to read a comment correcting a blogger's grammar with an error in it itself, ha!

Have been wanting to try nitrogen icecream for awhile now and have also heard good things about N2.

Blogger Charlie said... on February 7, 2014 at 8:11 PM  

*it's - I actually know that one. :P

Didn't know about the fowards/foward one though. Info: englishforums.com/English/ForwardOrForwards/chcgl/post.htm

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