Gloria Jeans - East Burwood @ Thursday, February 06, 2014

Groupon is currently having a deal for Gloria Jeans (East Burwood location only) for "Coffee and Slice for One ($4), Two ($7.50) or Four People ($14.50)." Great deal if you live/work/happen to come upon the area. We were in the area (and so is the RSPCA) so decided to stop by to have coffee hot chocolate last Friday. You can substitute the coffee for pretty much any hot drink I think, at not additional cost unlike with asians at the crappy hot chocolate water + powder place in the Glen next to the pet shop.

Vanilla Slice $4.20

White Chocolate & Vanilla Slice $4

We had the white hot chocolate which was sweet and creamy, not sure if anyone else does a good white hot choc w/o having it consist of white chocolate + milk. The slice was very good too, the best ones I think are the 'French Vanilla' coffee ones at Ferguson Plarre (in the same building, if you do stop by say hi to John, he's very friendly). But I'd still get it again, as Ferguson are rare, and the Chadstone manager is mean hence I don't buy from them there.

If Vanilla Slices aren't your thing there's other options. Best to get in early for more options.

On the Friday we were there they were four other options, Apple Crumble, Caramel Slice, Rocky Road and Lemon Slices. The vanilla slice was quite popular as the guy after me bought two (well he got one, cause I got there first :P) and the SA had wanted to get one too.

Last time they had an offer for coffee + cake, we had the strawberries and cream muffin which was a disappointment due to my expectations. It was strawberry jam and Twinkie full on artificial cream. Not really relevant to this post, but I'm saying don't get that muffin unless that's what you like.

Service was great, though I do think that most people who work at coffee places are nice, with a couple exceptions, like Walker's on Liz St. and at school where they act like it's a hassle to serve you and the only time they're speak to you is to tell you how much it is. Fortunately I rare every go there. If I went to Deakin I'd possibly go here more often. I wonder if they have free wifi...    

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