Vanilla Slices with Green Tea @ Wednesday, February 05, 2014


A work of art. 

On Friday we went to the dr and had a white hot chocolate and vanilla slice at Gloria Jeans, near the RSPCA (driving distance). They were both really nice, I'd get it again.

Bought some glass beads for a craft project.

Not practical for nails.

Went to the library to read the last styling book.

Lush had V'Day edition things. 

We love the french kiss.

Balloons! Love the rose, that's the one I'm getting next week. 

Jas has a new looks and looks like Marc St James, but less gay, no hand movements. Though he does like guys, but won't let me take pictures for an online dating site. :P

Tried on this dress, fits like a glove (though mine is too tight...) except the shoulders and back. I like it, but it's not a basic LBD. $150 in-stores down to $120, meanwhile online (same brand, another distributor) was $70 now $60.  

We picked a bad day for dinner in China Town, those red firecrackers are loud! And they did them twice while we were there accompanied with lion dances.

Dinner - what he ate. This picture is hilarious XD he bought 4 balls btw.

Dessert - Round 1

Dessert - Round 2, what I ate. 

No he doesn't do wedding pieces. :( I have never seen anyone smoking while playing.
How did he even transport that piano? Truck and professional movers required.

Afterwards we went exploring at Myer on the toy floor, saw the tallest dollhouse ever by Matte - though I'm still tall :P and mine is bigger (DIY). No scary clown toys.

More details on all things food coming up.   

Anonymous Anonymous said... on February 5, 2014 at 2:58 PM  

Mmm matcha ice cream.

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