4 Events + 2 Eateries - One Week @ Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Saturday 8th March

After our trip to Krispy Kreme and lunch there was a goodwill close by and we decided to check it out. I love vintage polly pocket but being rare and highly sought after it's expensive. But you could get lucky and find them at goodwill if someone died and all their stuff was donate, someone who was a kid in the 80s-90s. 

They had $100 wedding dress, ones had a skirt of tulle with glitter rhinestones. Slightly interested, though there was a dead bug in it! We're doing high tea in April and July, the later has a best dressed competition and I intend to win. Dress we saw was similar to the one above. Pretty certain it wasn't my size. 

Well we didn't find any polly pocket sets, but we did see a set of dolls that are by Harajuku Lovers Perfume. I think they were the toppers/lids for the bottles. There were about three of each, someone was a collector. 

Picked up about 38 of these. 

 And spent the afternoon taking out the candles, which has melted.
This particular one was stuck on a bar, we've done about half.
Going to rent these out for events, $3 + $10 bond.

Monday 10th March

Mondays tend to be unproductive - but I did make a list that was overwhelming. 
Went dancing. Should have spent the day at the library doing hw.


Read the time wrong and saw the bus zoom past, next bus 30mins late, that one was late and so we arrived at the station as the train was leaving. Got to work at 2.30pm had a migraine, the dr recommended panadol, bought that had a few and passed out at the mall (the apartment was too far, well actually it was just on the other side of the bridge).

Lunch, we're got to stop going to bakeries.

Arrived at work at 4.45pm (we start at 2pm) it was wet and windy. Everything blew away, market umbrellas and the desk, which to save? Both fell over and the umbrella hit someone (I wasn't there). We gathered all the stuff and put it into storage. The caterers were meant to do it but that didn't happen. 

Quick dinner at the food court, seafood was bland, honey chicken was good. They name their plates medium and large, like like how small guys like to think of themselves as average/medium - it's a marketing thing. "All you can choose" what does that mean?

We went to see Spiegelworld's Empire  an amazing acrobatic show. It was great! Before the show startered the performers interacted with the audience, there was an asian guy who walked through the audience (on the chairs) posing for pictures. 


Slept in and missed 2/3 of the class, the part that I was there for was challenging and I needed lots of help but everyone was busy. A pointless session. Can't find the articles for events. 

Don't have anything to write about for my career profile, no achievements since high school, at least none that I could put on my resume. Competitioning, htmling and product photography aren't achievements from an academic/work POV. Feeling like a failure from a resume/careers POV but I don't believe so in life - I met the love of my life (all 3 of them), do stuff other than going to classes and win lots of stuff.

Today we also felt a bit like yesterday, the day was a blur where we were the spectator. Felt a bit emotional, not sure which one but it was negative. Got very upset with the computer that logged me out as soon as I logged in. I think maybe I feel lonely? I only know some guys in careers development, and we're about to be separated into groups. 

Dinner at Sapa Hills, ordered the wrong noodles so I didn't like it, but the manager was lovely as always. I love jackfruit chips, but are they deep fried or baked? Or sprayed with oil and then baked? 

Missed the train in flavour of watching the fireworks from level 17. I have never seen fireworks in real life before, nor have we ever been that close (it was at MECC/Crown) and we were on Flinders.


Went for a walk, they don't know anything about the tickets and said to come back tomorrow. Mr events was running late so I didn't see him. A girl asked me if I was a professor - I believe she's making fun of me.

In class we watched "Brown Eyes, Blue Eyes" the version we saw was aboriginal people being mean to white people. One black guy said he liked it and it made him feel equal... There are some comments that should be kept to yourself.

Most of the class was upset by it while I was bored, which I know sounds wrong but I don't really understand it all. We never really studied racism in high school, the first time in yr8 miss english made it clear she did not like anyone who isn't white (we were reading mockingbird). After that we moved here and we studied aboriginals in terms of health and laws (they're pretty much born depressed, have shorter life expectancies and everything bad they have an increased chance of getting) under law they have their own special court, the Koori Court, which uses their law. 

We went around the class and said who we felt most connected to (as in characters in the experiment) for me it was Melissa, for a shallow reason. The name thing, she wrote her name down as 'Mel' and Jane (the teacher) was a bitch about it. Something that happened to me, Jane's a meaner version of the dean of one of the schools I went to. She demanded that I call myself "birth name" and half my teachers weren't happy that I introduced myself as Charlie as they said it wasn't proper. The dean later on reveals that she doesn't like her name either but has to live with it as it was given to her. F you I've not living with it. By the way I did not respond to being called my birth name, eventually they gave in. :P What's the problem, I'm not telling them to call me "Diva" or "Mistress"?     

Authur's back this week (Authur's got personality, he's pretty cool even though he smokes).

Went back to the city and met someone new, Samurai Jack's (he has the look for it) friend as we were all going to the city, Jack, Authur, me + 1. Not feeling so lonely today, plus I really do believe it was the hormones and lack of medication.

Healthy snack!

Went to a runway show that features clothing you would actually buy, full post coming up soon. There was a champagne bar and showbags! Unfortunately they weren't that great. The first session got something from Coach.


The bakery ran out of vanilla slices and it was only 12pm! :( Took the earlier tram though still had to wait for the scheduled train. Groups were formed in class, we're all separated (number off 1-7) fortunately our group looks fairly competent, only one doesn't speak english/is shy. Another reminds me of Ian, physically. 

Lunch - It was ok, I only like salads with meat, or the ones that filling.

Bus was late, waiting since 5pm we got to the station at 6pm. 
On the way we finally got a chance to try out 'Nhu Lan', the BBQ Chicken! 

Missed 30mins of the movie, Freud and I went to see "Populaire" Emily was invited but she said it wasn't her scene, too much culture. The closest that girl will get to culture is yogurt - she knows this and likes it, as it fits into her "girl next door" personal, she's the average girl - I'm not.

It was a very good film! Le beau and I are seeing it again next weekend.

Do you like French films?   

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