Electric Run - Melbourne 2014 @ Saturday, April 19, 2014

Not from the event.

Saturday afternoon Emma went to Supernova while I went to the Electric Run, it was an least a mile from the front gate to the tent! We did 'Packet Pick-Up/Check In' which involved ticking people off (on the ipads which surprisingly didn't fail during peak times) and giving them packs (bk t-shirt, number and some glow sticks). The manager was pretty stressed out before the event even began so that was a bit interesting. 

Pikachu decided to get on twos (? - pretty sure that mouse like Pokemon walks on twos) so the others followed though the group was almost muddy. Don't you hate it when you friend has a questionable idea and yet you have to stick to the status quo? :P 

Biggest and only fail (other than dying batteries) was the till. If you pick-up your pack on the day that's $5 per person, cash. If you don't have case we send you to a long line where they tell you it's ok, but bring cash next time. But of course we make you line up for ages to tell you this, can't have you telling others if you only have cards you don't have to pay the pick-up fee. Each table didn't have a till/cash box so the manager ran around collecting cash and giving change for the entire event. Efficiency fail, being more skilled than that she could have done something else. 

Dinner was cold pizza, margarita, Hawaiian, supreme and vegetarian. We also got snacks we could help ourselves to (though we were not told this), lots of muesli bars, apples and fun size chocolate that was out of stock long before we started. 

Starting at 1pm we checked out at 7.30pm, got lost looking for the exit, as it was dark and there were no signs. Got out at 8.30pm. Portaloos are scary and disgusting, when they're around do not drink or eat. If you must only take sips, and detol and wet wipes are essential in every handbag. 

Oh and the race/fun walk was good, if I was drunk and somehow got le beau & co to go it would have been fun. Though for what it was it's very expensive, same price as fine dinning almost. We saw 'Team Pacman' which was cool, lots of faeries and tutus. 

We had to check IDs, and most people had passports. One New Jersey, one California, a couple Irish and Indo. Irish is printed on special not plastic paper, looks DIY-able. :P Love the Indo one, so much info which one's the name? They seem to have your weight and height, so when we find your card on your body it would be simply to identify. :P And by your body I mean your dead body, also means that it wasn't a robbery.  

There was no cloaking room, which was not good. Instead of charging unnecessarily and getting profits for picking up stuff, they could have had a cloak room and charged $5 a person. Also an on-site ATM would have been great.

I do love glow-in-the-dark things. Has anyone seen the clip-on earrings?
Also a glow-in-the-dark themed party would be amazing.

Did you do the electric run? 

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