Shopping for Thai Coconuts @ Sunday, April 13, 2014

Tuesday 1st April

Coconut water we like (the original), not the guava though, haven't tried the others yet. 

Started the bullet journal. Had a mint chocolate milkshake, while waiting for someone who never turned up (not jas) cause we wrote down different dates. 


There's nothing better than being woken by the mail arriving (le beau & I don't live together yet). Two giant bottles and a vase. All in purple! I have no idea what to do with them, so they're getting sent to storage and will be reopened when we have our first house. Also got a giftcard, lip balm (my favourite) and movie tickets.

First time we got to class before mr events! Themeing for BMW Mini, I love the Whimsy Wonderland theme with dwarf/half giant waiters, tea in the garden with giant flowers and toadstools. 

Event briefing, one I've heard many times. Accidentally took a nap, something we've been doing a lot of lately! To make it worse the presenter knows my name!

There's so shows I'd like to go to but the tickets are pricey, considering the number of shows we're going to. With tickets starting from $30/$36. Sammy J & Randy's Difficult First Album Tour & Stephen K Amos What Does the K Stand For? (UK)


2hrs late for work! I slept in... and someone decided to hang out on the tracks (not literally still alive) and that caused trains to stop running and then they were all bunched up.

Did some setting up for events next week, did a tour of the activities. Why you want your wedding here I do not know... 133 hanged. Less messy that way. But the warm lighting is nice. Picture the jail Bates was in, but with a warmer atmosphere (not in the cells though). Also there's no beds, they sleep on the floor with a slim mattress sorta like the homeless. I asked where the toilets and sinks? Ron said they get a bucket. Do they then throw that bucket out the window?! Closed in 1929. 

Another round at Lincraft, with the long lines we were late for class. Also they forgot an item that I'd paid for (I bought like 30 things, and one fell off the table). 

Class, starting out major projects. The samurai comes up with good problems that could be solved. Me, I end up on a rant, problem undefined. 

Dinner at Huxtaburger, well today it was more like a snack. 

We went to see 'Trash Test Dummies' a slapstick comedy routine. It was great! I'd definitely recommend it for all, even the kids. There's no swearing as there isn't much talking going on.

Afterwards we went for ice cream at Geleto Messina, I tried about 4 flavours and then settled on 'Coconut & Lychee' and 'White Choc Salted Caramel' both of which were amazing! Despite being after 9pm on a Thursday the place was buzzing with nightlife! 



Class was meh, one left for work and another (our ideas guy) went for a nap after being awake for 38hrs. 

Met up with le beau who said to turn up wearing lipstick, he planned what we were up to tonight. And failed to tell me to bring the camera! We went down a lane to a Thai Dessert Night! :)


A quiet low-key weekend with le beau who has fall break/vacation. One event I didn't go to, as it was a random draw for tickets, but he went and promises to make pizza with me soon.


Repainted the flower pot, love this colour combo.

Crafternoon, we're working on the clock, only to realize we're missing some colours! The mushroom part was very confusing as the instructions didn't say how to attach the stem to the cap, but we figured it out! :) Still work in progress, to be completed in two weeks time. 

I made dinner, fortunately I bought two packs, as one pack serves one. Love the idea if freezing the sauce in tablets or ice blocks. Love creating freezer meals that only need to you cook/bake and serve.

Do you prepare everything and then freeze it?

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