Sugar Hit (April) - Thai Night @ Monday, April 14, 2014

Friday 4th April

A few Fridays ago went to Guildford Lane near Melb Central for an event, starts 6.30pm and we were there before then so that was great. When we left there was a line that went almost half-way down the lane! (Capacity limits.)

Sugar Hit is a new, once-a-month, one-night-only pop-up dessert, drinks and music festival at Krimper. Mörk Chocolate, and N2 Extreme Gelato will be there serving hot and cold chocolate and gelati. There will also be cocktails by Krimper, street food vendors and desserts by Luxbite. This, the first of three events, will be Thai-inspired with music by Thai band Mask Off. 

Sugar Hit Melbourne Part 1: Bangkok Nightlife. No models were hired for the event disappointingly, was hoping to see a pretty boy in drag. :P Some people look very different with make-up, though I'm not one of them.  

There was food and drinks, a Thai band, a stall selling candles and another selling Thai Sweets and a third selling cards (as in for birthdays and things). 

Savory Nibbles Entrees

Croquettes $6 & Tofu Salad $7

Drinks! Looking back I should have been more adventurous and gotten the Lychee Slam, and Thai Milk Tea. We should definitely have afternoon tea at a Thai restaurant soon.

Obviously not le beau's hand. 

Drinks, he had the vodka milk tea served in a goldfish at the carnival style bag, while I had Mork's Salted Caramel Milk Chocolate, it was lovely but not anything I'd get again or particularly recommend. What I really wanted was their iced chocolate with coconut & lime they created for the event, but cold food hurts my teeth.  

I prefer Starbucks & Gloria Jeans for my not-melted-chocolate hot chocolates.

Condensed milk panna cotta, caramelised banana, 

pandan cream, coconut & peanut crumble, ginger & pineapple macaron

The line was desserts was very long, as they had one line for gelato (N2) and LuxBite. As I had ice cream yesterday I didn't get it, but le beau did get the champagne which he really liked. Meanwhile I had a dessert tube, "Love you long time" ($9) with translation fail, but it was great! I would get it again and reccomend it too! Hoping to make the first two elements at home.  

If only I didn't have ice cream just the night before. 

A Collaborative Dessert. 

Photobooth! Can't seem to find our pictures...

It was more of a place for socializing rather than a cafe with people on their laptops or reading books. We stayed for 1.5hrs and had a good time. Looking forwards to the next event!

Two further editions are planned (May 2 and July 6) will be themed around Bollywood and K-Pop. 

Since I didn't take any decent pictures, most of these pictures aren't mine, as you can also tell by the style. 

Oh and also Emma was at the event, wearing a hat too! Great minds think alike :P I wore red to match my lipstick and she wore black with big Audrey Hepburn sunglasses. We saw Ashley of who was one of the two event bloggers, though I was too shy (I'm not shy!) to say hi. :P

Bottom Line - I'm bringing my camera next time! Also I will try new things!

Do you like Thai Desserts? Milk Tea? 

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