The Princess with Silver Glitter Heels @ Thursday, April 24, 2014


On Thursday I had psych, which I like, everyone's nice and not competitive (perhaps because it's a first year class, and I do not want to be a psychologist). Was going to film (the project) but someone forgot the sd card despite charging the battery last night. :P 

Mr psych is very nice and has good conversation topics. He says any town that has its own courthouse is not a good place to be. Also there's correlations between the court house and crime rates. 

Le beau offered to pick me up from school, as I was still feeling down, though a bit better. I thought we were going to his place as he made dinner, took a nap and when I woke up we were in the country! Well it looked like the country, long winding road, a fence and tall yellow grass? Where are we?  

Bunny! I saw a bunny! We were in St Albans. Le beau had driven 30 mins just to make me happy, it a surprise as I didn't say anything about bunnies within the past week. He had also made one of my favourite foods, spaghetti & meatballs. After I chased the bunnies around a while and we picked a spot where they frequently hopped by, and had dinner. Unfortunately the bunnies were scared of us and nothing like these ones on Okunoshima Island. I'd love to go there! 

"...tourists flock to the 2.5 mile wide Inland Sea island off the coast of Takehara to feed and pet the hundreds (300+) of bunnies that call it home." Though wild, the rabbits on the island are used to humans and will approach visitors in search of a snack, and hop on to laps.
islands tourist facilities which include a resort, six hole golf course and camping grounds
Here's a blog post on it, the happiest place on earth!

We had homemade hot chocolate on our way to dance class, our first one together! So it was the first time we danced (hard to believed, as we've been together for 4yrs!), via special request it was the waltz, we waltzed to 'Moon River'. Hoping to get a custom waltz to go with 'Somewhere Only We Know' for the wedding. Though with the assumption not everyone dances ballroom we'd like to have a dancing instructor on the day. And perhaps have a rehearsal for the attendees before? Or is that asking too much? We're still indecisive on numbers. I have 10 people I'd invite (20 max if I invite people I work with who I like) while he likes the idea of 100 people (mainly his friends and family).

Life is wonderful today!


Friday night we spent on the couch watching 'My Neighbour Toroto' which I really liked. Le beau highly recommended this film which he saw as a child. As I didn't speak English (I'm fluent in a European language though :P) when I was little and was home schooled I missed out on a lot of things. But it's ok as I don't think I would have remembered much. Question - Do people in Japan always shower/bathe together nakid?


We love to crack the top/bottom of the med-large ones to make ice cream bowls. 


10am photo shoot. I am not a morning person... Especially when it rained last night and the ground is muddy! Fortunately the photographer bought show covers. Parliament and a garden. This time I was a model along with le beau, who dressed like Norington. I wore an ballgown and silver glitter heels (love - but they hurt...). Love the outfit, unfortunately it's not mine, it's hired. This is it except there's no hook and eyes in the front, it's one piece instead of two. It was freezing but we still had fun. :) As I'm not the photographer we don't get the pictures for a while.   

In the afternoon we went to High Tea at the Windsor for our 4th Anniversary! If only they served it while you're in a warm bubble bath! Everything was lovely, and I felt much better. Le beau joked that we were dressed for the occasion and could get married across the street today, and skip the whole huge expensive wedding. Yeah no. Though realistically I'd get so stressed from the whole thing that that might actually happen. :P

As he request we have quality time just us without the camera, the later stayed at home. :( But it was ok as the photographer got plenty of pictures.  

The food was nice, nothing amazing though. While they normally have tea & coffee I requested a hot chocolate, and later ice cream (at a cost) as I still have a bit of a sore throat and not physically feeling my best. A waiter asked if we just got married at the wedding register which was nice.    

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