Menulog - Monash Curry n Tandoor @ Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Charlie & Co. dined courtesy of a $30 code from Menulog, and paid the remaining balance. 

10 Advantages of Delivered Take-Away
1. BYO drinks, no corkage fee
2. BYO rice, for those dishes that don't come with rice at a price that you thought it was included, also great if you're a carb person and need more, though not another entire serving.
3. BYO Salad (thinking of pizza here). Also you can make any salad you desire.
4. You don't have to come into a situation where you ask to get the rest take-away because you couldn't finish it. Sometimes they don't do doggy bags, gosh I hate that term!
5. Like all take-away it's convenient, especially if you completely forgot that you were meant to be cooking tonight! Or if you forgot on the way home and remember mid-shower.
6. Not having to go outside where it's cold, dark and scary, or get off the couch.
7. Set your own ambiance, candles if you like (preferably not if you're taking pictures!).
8. You can use your own cutlery (I love my spork!) and no one (other than your man who's a gentleman) will judge you. There's also napkins, because we always use them.
9. Saves time, for other pre-dinner activities. For me this would mean I get extra time in the bathroom. Could take a long bath with bubbles. And have the butler open the door and set up.
10. You don't have to change out of your PJs (for those who wear them at home, other than in bed) though if you don't like to wear pants at home I do recommend you put them on!

A sentence that links the advantages of getting take-away delivered and menulog should be here. I'll think of something... is Australia's number one online takeaway and food delivery website. It's a service that acts as an intermediate between the restaurant and customer, it's like a catalog of local restaurants that deliver in/to your area. Some restaurants may not have well designed website that look shifty or are challenging to navigate, hence it's a good idea to use a service like Menulog. Which we'll show you how to use. 

For this review we decided to have take-away delivered to our home in the suburbs rather the apartment in the city, as in the suburbs we're not surrounded by food. Our closest restaurants/or places where you can buy food is McDonalds a bit more than a mile away. 

Step 1. On the homepage type in your postcode and select your suburb from the options. (picture above for this step, each step is related to the picture above it, also click to enlarge.) 

Another great way to search for places is by cusine. For this go to the homepage and scroll down to the bottom and select your cusine, it'll take you to a new page where you can type in your postcode. Which will then lead you back to that list of all the places that deliver in your area. Interesting... I'm going to say it's a glitch. Ideally it'll take you to a page like this one. 

Step 2. - Select your restaurant. There's a great search function, where you can search by restaurant/dish, cuisine, specials, payment type (some places offer paypal) and open time (not everyone does lunch orders).  

In our area we have 18 restaurants with 92 specials, oh wow that's like five specials per restaurant. The specials often are for your first order (10% off), loyalty (e.g. 8th meal free) and meal deal (value packs).

Step 3. - Select your restaurant. It'll come up with the menu and information like it's there's a minimum order, payment methods, when they're open today, and specials. Oh and the delivery cost.

We picked 'Monash Curry n Tandoor' as we've never had anything but pizza delivered before! That and I'm looking for a great Indian place for the perfect paneer butter masala and butter chicken.

Pre-Orders - Currently as I'm writing this post they're closed, so you can pre-order for another day. Hover the mouse over the time they're open to see when they're open.  

Step 4. - Just like online shopping add your selections to your 'cart' which will be on the right. Unlike when you buy concert tickets there isn't a timer for your cart to empty itself, just stay on the page. If there's a discount it'll come up, along with min. spend and delivery costs.

Some places are great with descriptions of what the dish is, for those who aren't experts in say Indian cusine, other places not so much. In that case I would google what the dish is, an advantage of ordering online is that you can do it at your own pace.

Step 5. - Checkout. Enter all your details here. If you have an app that auto-fills your details, and your default delivery address is a PO BOX you might want to change that. Select method of payment, note if using a discount code you have to pay via credit card.  

Step 6. - Enter your details. Remember details is optional. 

Step 7. - Confirmation! Within two minutes we received a text confirming the order, and gave us the expected delivery time which was 6.18pm, with the order being placed a little before 5.45pm. I'd say give it an hour.

Menulog remembers your past orders (even from 2012!) which is great as you won't have to go through a long list of all your local places to figure out where that amazing pizza came from. On the other hand it may remind you where not to order from.  

Monash Curry n Tandoor The delivery took place at 6.26, 8 minutes after the estimated time which was great, taking into consideration that the delivery guy couldn't find us, the numbers on houses are tiny and invisible at night. If your house is hot pink that would be great to have that in the comments to help the delivery guy - he was very friendly by the way.

The delivery of the of the tandoori chicken was unexpected, as I thought it would arrive as one whole chicken rather than cut conveniently into eight pieces and set out as it serves three. And served with onion, lettuce and raw carrot sticks. Think they should have had the option to have it cut up or not. I'm sure you can ask for it whole. 

Mango & Rose Lassi $3 each.

Andy liked the mango, indicated by the fact that he finished it. He doesn't talk much. I found the consistency too thin, too much like milk rather than yoghurt. The rose was very rosy! It was very strong and I didn't like it, though jas might. Would get the mango one if I can request it thick.

Apologies it appears we don't have two identical smaller glasses. The lassi arrived in plastic take-away cups with lots of glad wrap for no spills, so we could have drank them straight from that.

Monash Curry n Tandoor - What was intended to serve two, served four. 

I styled everything, note: don't stick the leaves in anything it can sink in, except right before you take the picture. Should note that we made our own rice and didn't buy it (advantage of take-away, saved $9 there, if their $3 rice servings are for one). 

It was then that we realized the garlic naan was missing, as I thought they put it in the same bag. We called up and they offered to add it to our next order or deliver it in 30mins. True to their word at 8.15pm-ish a chef in a red uniform delivered it with apologies. Andy suggests that they should have offered a discount for next time or a free lassi/ice cream for their mistake.  

Tandoori Chicken (Mild) $17.00

It was dry and that's all I have to say. It did have nice flavouring. Wasn't just the piece I had that was dry, both the pieces Andy and I had were dry. No comments from father who normally happily voices his dissatisfaction and not in the same way as constructive criticism. Fernando says that tandoori chicken is meant to be dry... But who orders dry chicken?  

Andy's selected picture.

Shahi Butter Paneer (Mild) $12.00 & Plain Naan (2 Pieces) $2.40

We found this a bit more than mild, but not sweet. Very generous serving of cottage cheese and overall generous serving than any place I've ever been. I like it! I'd definitely order this again along with the naan. That would make a meal for me (small appetite - unless it's dessert ;).

Plain naan came in a foil-on-the-inside like charcoal chicken bag. It was perfect with the butter paneer. Not oily or anything. For $2.40 you get two pieces. I'm happy.

Garlic Naan (One Piece) $2.80

Hmm... not sure about this one though. Why does it cost more (well it's because it's not plain) but there's only one piece? It was very oily and very very garlicly, wards of any vampires within a mile! We didn't eat most of this that night, but baked it dry the next morning and had it with hummus. Would have been great if on the menu they said this one was one piece and the plain is two.

It arrived long after the rest of the order, hence the presentation and styling of the food.

Pistachio Kulfi $4.00

To me it's Indian ice cream, but wiki says "Kulfi is a popular frozen dairy dessert from the Indian Subcontinent. ...similarities to ice cream in appearance and taste; however it is denser and creamier.  Unlike Western ice creams, kulfi is not whipped, resulting in a solid, dense frozen dessert similar to traditional custard based ice cream." Ice cream but different.

Icy with coconut milk, not your typical ice cream. Refreshing, I like it. And on a winter's night (and to share desserts) it's perfect for two (next time we're getting those deep fried balls ;).  

Overall it was a hit and miss. The lassi was too thin, and chicken dry. Unless I can get that lassi thick I wouldn't get it. The garlic naan was half the serving of the plain. But the shahi butter panner and plain naan was great. We'll be back just for that. And at $14.50 it counts as "$" or a cheap eat on urbanspoon. :) So do check out this place for take-away if you're within the service area, just don't get the tandoori chicken. Well actually maybe it mightn't be dry next time, but I'll just stick to the butter paneer. 

Update - We ordered butter chicken & butter paneer again on another occasion. Butter chicken was great. Also cleared up the case of the missing naan. $2.80 is for one piece, so last time they gave use x2 plains and x0 garlic, instead of one of each. 

Using menulog we ordered Indian from 'Monash Curry n Tandoor', the service was great, no issues at all, it was quick and easy to use. We would definitely use it again, especially with cold and dark winter nights. Sometimes they have 10% discount codes, that are valid for that weekend. 

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