Mother's Day Classic 2014 @ Monday, May 19, 2014

Sunday 11th May

The Mother's Day Classic is one of Australia's largest charity events and raises money for breast cancer research. A walk/run for breast cancer research held annually on the second Sunday of May.

Yesterday morning we were at the Mother's Day Classic in the city, different layout this year, with where I was working being in the regular spot and sign-ins being far far away, almost near Flinders! It was muddy, very much so, we're wearing gumboots next year!

Jordans  - Crispy Oat Clusters served with Plain Yoghurt

Don't think it's made in the UK from memory, but I shall update this when I buy it. Jordans has been promoting a lot lately as they're relatively new, they were at the BH&G expo the other week. Hope they'll be at the Food & Wine Show. At each event they had samples, and on this particular day they gave out 50% vouchers for their cluster range. If you shop with Woolworths Online the code is 'JORD6APR14' and expires 29th July 2014. It's $7.50, or $3.75 with the code. The two flavours are strawberry (pictured) and nuts.   

 It was muddy. Should have worn gum boots...

Mary Kay Cosmetics 

We got distracted along the way there and got free nail polish and Jordan's muesli along the way. They were also giving out purple visors, think tennis hats without the head part. With Mary Kay everyone gets the nude, and then you can have a pink/blue nail polish or eyeshadow which is for sensitive people too. Regret not picking that cause we have that exact shade of pink already, Ulta 3's Bo Peep. 

There was a few wandering entertainers including 3 people doing balloon animals, including this lady. Check out her amazing umbrella!

We have a daffodil!

Signed-in, there was tea and coffee, and the most amazing thing I've ever eaten for breakfast! What could be simplified as yoghurt and cool toppings from Hammer & Tong. They do brunch.

lavender yoghurt custard, strawberry & pineapple gel, berries, lychee  w basil cress/16

This was amazing! We're definitely going to visit them sometime in the future, in June hopefully. They close at 4pm, and I'm not a morning person. 

Well done to the person who got them to be a sponsor. 

Giant butterfly people (it wasn't windy, that would have been fun to see :P) and three people on stilts. Since I didn't see all three at the same time, I'd say the three was actually one guy. He went up the giant slide though didn't go down. :( 

Next to the ticket booth was the cotton candy stand. 

Renault gave our yellow roses in exchange for your soul details, as always we know our own details and Jane Smith's. ;) Mine died in my bag, roses don't taste a day in my hands. :P

Looks like the Langham sponsored the event in $$$, the brand was on the marquees and stuff but if you didn't know what it was there was nothing to say it was a hotel, car hire maybe. Cotton candy! They put sugar into the machine, the sugar tastes like cotton candy! Giant slide. 

Most of the day was spent collecting tickets for the rides and stopping running kids without them running into me. One parent asked for me to let their child pass "You shall not pass!". We sell tickets for the rides, and by that I mean over there in the booth. Would have been better if we could sell the tickets right at the ride instead. Because there was no sign kids ran past to get on, cause they didn't know they had to buy tickets and thought it was free. A sign would have been great, and letting us sell tickets there too. 


Went exploring a few times, while the very dedicated stayed where they were suppose to the whole time. Got lots of hommus/cracker samples 12+ to bring back for the other volunteers, for the event there was 4 areas. Starting from Flinders to the park there was staff sign-ins, the marquees where all the food and stuff was, the registrations and kid's rides (area 3) and then the running area. 

There was a BBQ, beef or pork? No one knows! Really? I can't be the first out of thr 40k+ people there to ask. 

Last year we did showbags, this year no one did showbags as they didn't get as many sponsors. Getting 40,000 of something is hard. I saw a billion bananas last year which was actually 25,000. 

It was muddy, we met people, there was cotton candy, and lots of freebies (as seen above). But we had fun. The weather was interesting, started out cold and it got colder and colder, and then warm! 

Volunteer Showbags. That drink is addictive!

Mary Kay 

Not my pictures. 

A medal that converts into a keyring (w/o the lanyard).

We stopped by the city afterwards, before going to the library. You know it's exam time when the library is almost full on a Sunday and no one's on youtube! H&M's lines are still long.

Will you be going next year?

Meanwhile le beau & co went to high tea twice in one day, to the Windsor and LuxBite. They made the booking for the Windors and then someone forgot and also booked them for LuxBite, fortunately at different times. Story of why le beau sadly will not be eating anything at high tea with me next week.

Not my pictures. Things I'm looking forwards to at Hammer & Tong!
Look at that perfect sunny side up egg...

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