North & Central @ Saturday, May 10, 2014

Saturday 3rd May

Today's workshop in one word can be summarized as, disappointing. Awkwardly planned with a instructor who is a pastel colour. They ran out of material pretty fast, and so I didn't get to complete my necklace. Lincraft is out of materials so we'll add it to the abandoned projects pile. One day we shall revive it. Making jewelry is expensive unless it's the type that little kids make for Mother's Day.

Exploring, love that little town house, bottom left. Must be $$$$$$$$ though.

Le beau wasn't feeling great so we met after class, as I was lost and waited for about half an hour for help (literally, because other girls asked for help and she went to them first) we finished very late and le beau went to the new comic workshop without me, I didn't want him to wait for me and miss out.

Comic Book Day! Normally we miss this as I'm meant to be work with Oxfam somewhere past Lilydale towards Warburton. There's a selection including SpongeBob which le beau picked.

Next time we shall have afternoon tea here.

We had lunch in the pastel faux garden with lots of bunting (didn't eat that :P). "Quick" stop by Lincraft, spent $6. There isn't much left. 

No one at DJ/Myer knows about the perfume sample advertised in BH, as expected. We went up to Alannah Hill, potentially a bad idea. Hats are too small, dresses fit either above the wait or below, not both, and gloves have fingers that are too long for me. :( In summary Alannah Hill is not made me for.

Le beau assures me that my fingers are not short and stubby, they suit me and my height. AH is for tall people like Lily and models hence the matching finger length. I do like the gloves, except the part where my fingers don't fit but the palm does. An analysis says that yes it will be uncomfortable as I won't be able to hold anything. :( Hoping to get another gift voucher with a longer expiry date with the one I got. I'm not really interested in any of their offerings at the moment, other than gloves that don't fit.

Melbourne Central is open longer. :)

Typo has great stuff for decorating your place.

That Sapphire blue necklace is stunning. Bollywood earrings. Potential brooches.

Do you think it'll go well with this dress? The neckline is pretty high.

Very Cherry is my favourite.

Work in progress.  

Anonymous Anonymous said... on May 10, 2014 at 11:09 PM  

Adore that blue necklace.

+1 on the gloves frustration. I find a lot of gloves are too long for me, or are perfect except for my thumb :(

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