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Monday 28th April

Today we attempted to create a felt xmas bow, paper trial failed, so we'll skip this one. 

I saw Rapunzel & Fynn! 

Watched Frozen, I like but don't love it. Think it's set in Russian or somewhere up there. My favourite character was Olaf the Snowman. No idea how Kristoph became an orphan as he was with other guys at the begining. 

Love the musical part of this honest trailer. XD 


Vacuum bags! Today we're sending the summer wardrobe into storage, which means I have nothing to wear! We have an issue where I have literally over 100 summer pieces, and if you saw my wardrobe you'd think we lived in the tropics.

Did I wear it in the past six months? Unlikely. I have not worn everything in my wardrobe at least once.  

Going shopping at some point to buy more winter scarves and tights. No gloves though, I don't like the feel of them.

Five days ago we were going to get married (in like 4yrs realistically) 24th April, winter. They say it's the fall but it's definitely winter. The wedding will be indoors but what about all the pictures around the city? It'll be freezing! 

In the afternoon we went for coffee, I do really like the 'White Hot Chocolate' at GJ.

Dinner, jas got the meeting place wrong, resulting in his father offering to drive me there, he was really nice and told me about his amazing traveling adventures in the days of the USSR, Americans not being popular in Europe, the Berlin Wall and concerts in Vienna.

Taco Tuesday! I love Mexican food! 


12.30pm. Are you sure it's not 6am? And that's how I missed class today. Did not hear the alarm at all. Arrived in time to see mr mob, a rare thing as he's at the other campus, and to make it to class. Developed my plan for the lobby, and found an amazing styling/event company I'd love to work for, but it's in some random state back home. 

I love my lobby. It's where the opening event will happen, there will be actors and fog/smoke effect, and song! Elements of theatre. So we got lots of that happening today, also saw Dave who said he likes the idea (he's read/seen Peter Pan). 

Home. 11.30pm. I love the library being open late, but it also means reports, presentations and exams are coming up soon! No mail today but we did get email, I could be a photographer for an upcoming festival, and we were invited to an event with cupcakes! It's the perfect fit for the blog, you'll find out why later on. :)  


A long day got home almost at midnight, with no stops in between and no adventures. We were filming today, epic fail for the first shot, I solved the problem! Except that it's not a problem solving excercise, you're meant to emphasize and not solve it. Take two was better, work in progress. I'm finding it hard to not say anything. 

Meanwhile on the other side my partner, the samurai is doing well. Not sure how he'd solve the problem, but he did give me tips. It will hurt but I will try it just once. It's on how to get into clubs and other places where the beautiful people get in, or get benefits. Will let you know how that experiment goes. 

Back to the city, Happy Meal! because I didn't feel like going much further and didn't have time to sit down for dinner. And I'm not eating salads after that moth in my salad situation (which Subway has yet to apologize and refund). Finished the journal due tomorrow. Just got a presentation, it's 2.15am waiting for it to arrive. Totally cool as for this week I've been in bed early but not slept till 6am. :(

Mail! Brush-on fibers for mascara, it's a new concept. Review I received one of these from a different brand earlier in the year. I'm not of a mascara person and still love my Clinque one I've had for months (before this yr). Do you really have to throw it out 3-6mths after opening? I don't use it everyday, and someone told me then it's not worth it. 

Also received a make-up finishing spray in full size, I have this in mini/travel size. Used a couple times though not enough to judge/review it.

We won something! I love polymer clay jewelry.  Bacon scented supreme pizza coming soon, shipping from the states. I think I'm going to be sick (I don't eat pork/bacon) but I know a girl who would love this. :) 1 in 134 chances and a won! I do believe I'm a lucky person (especially to have met le beau and a series of amazing men) even if I may not get physical attraction benefits. 


Five parcels! Most mail we've had in one day, it didn't fit in the mailbox so the mailman bought it to the door (well gate, and then intercom to get through). Corset and beret from eBay, a dvd, Yankee Candles! and a watch.  

After we got home I found out I won two competitions. And also a gift card had arrived, for one of my favourite shops, Alannah Hill. :)

Along the way I missed the train by 30 seconds (could have touched it!) though by luck I found $15 because I missed the train. Did try to return it, but front desk said they won't hold it. The next train was like within 3 minutes, so it was fine. 

Not my pictures ^. In between getting mail we had a little adventure in the city, not sure why but I felt it was more fun last time, perhaps because it was the first event in the series?

We also saw knights at the tram stop! FRAPing or something someone told me.  

Blogger Brittney said... on May 10, 2014 at 4:11 PM  

I also had a lot of questions about Frozen and how realistic it would be for the girls to be normal if they were isolated from each other so long. Also, I love getting multiple parcels in the mail; it's like getting presents!


Another Beautiful Thing

Blogger Charlie said... on May 10, 2014 at 10:07 PM  

Only if you can hold off opening them as soon as you receive them. :P I heard some people open all their mail once a week!

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