Purple Pearls @ Saturday, May 17, 2014

Saturday 10th May

Left within half an hour of getting up! Think that's a new record for a weekend where I wasn't working. To the city and beyond we went, to North Melbourne. Shopping in person is a bit scary, can I get everything in a list, with sub-categories of colours? A reason I don't like shopping irl is that they always push for a sale, as in more than you intend to buy. Is it ok to ask if they have something around $xxx? I'm pretty sure esp if it's their business they go over that by $20/$50.

Ended up buying some pretty pearl earrings. Jas is much much more impressed and appreciative of them than me - note that I know nothing about pearls. I prefer moissanite, ruby and emerald. 

Pickled Garlic 

Pickled Cucumber - Just like McD

In the afternoon we did a workshop on preserves: pickled cucumber (we made this one), garlic, beetroot and kim chi (which smells funny, and now what the car smells like). It was fun, though would have been better if everyone got one of each, rather than some got one and others got two jars, as each group made about 7 jars (4 in each group).

Kim Chi

What we got to take home. The beetroot was really good.

An interesting looking house(?) I think that's a gumtree.


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