W10 - First Reports Due @ Friday, May 16, 2014

Monday 5th May


We subscribe to a lot of art venues and one was selling "tickets from a tiny $38" yes that is a direct quote. The rest of the newsletter ticket prices decided not to describe the prices. Not a fan of being told what to think, though it's a good marketing technique. This is why I never get to do surveys, studying marketing includes learning all the tricks of the trade. 

My belated bloganniversay post is coming up and I asked "What's the difference between a giveaway and competition?" The terms are use interchangeably, though to me a giveaway is a game of chance, whereas a competition means skills required. Hence my competition/giveaway shall be known as the later.

On Sunday we came across this.   


Three hours late for a group meeting! Got a huge presentation due tomorrow and we've just been doing that with a little help. It's 2.22am and we've only got 1/4 people's slides. I'm working on mine atm. Two people decided to start to help out today, as in start doing any actual work. One took a week to reply to my email (and only because mr events told her to) and then freaked out that it's due tomorrow and not next week like she thought... I hate group projects. This one's challenging because I have all the ideas, but no one understands it as well as me. 

Today's project for filming, after five takes and searching for a quiet place, we got it right! And I picked a problem that was easier than the last. The task was to listen and be empathetic and NOT solve the problem, which is what I did take 1. 

The samurai walked with me to a meeting down an alley/lane way, it was right at the end and didn't look right. A Jazz Club. Afterwards we went back to the library and got the draft/outline of the slides done. 


Missed the lecture again, but we finished the presentation! SketchUp lags and freezes a lot, one computer room had the older version so it didn't work. Got there eventually, though we missed most of the event stuff, just had the building. Found out girl no.2 didn't reply because her email was down (true story). She made great slides. Last to make slides is the 1st girl who's been in the group since the beginning. No.2 within the last 24hrs has contributed more than no.1 in weeks.  

Presentation went well, first time ever I didn't read notes or look down according to mr events who worn a light blue shirt (his best colour) with a yellow pencil - great combo. :)

Afterwards we went to a meeting for an event in December, sounds interesting, looking forwards to it. Theory meets practice, this shall be interesting. 

Home after 11pm, missed the 9am train by a minute. Mail! A huge box arrived while I was out, from Moose Toys. I won a giveaway hosted by Ling at Six Inch Heels! Not going to say I never win anything cause that's not true. :P But I do think it's the first time I've won toys. A tractor (I think we still have Scoop from Bob the Builder!), an interesting head of a dog that makes comedic noises, 3 troll-like dolls and my favourite a bread decorating kit, Minilicious (bread not included), think of it as fairy bread with more decorations. It retails for $35, this tells me children are expensive if you like to buy them activity sets and nice things (something le beau and I will do).   


Arrived in time for class, we even had time to get lunch though not eat it. Deconstructed nachos! I love Mexican food, though lately have been craving miso salmon at one of our favourite Japanese places in Carnegie.

Finished the last journal for psych, just video editing and a 1.5k analysis to go!

Stayed back late, 10.30pm, so late that I was locked in! Really? Don't they check that everyone's left first? The room I was in had no camera, though signs saying 24hr camera everywhere was hilarious.  

"The Association Between Early Maladaptive Schemas and Recalled Bullying Victimization in Social Anxiety" what an interesting thesis idea, how come I can't come up with anything like this? 


Didn't do much in class today, some risk management, glad I'm not doing the accounting part! Teacher disturbed that I have no idea what that part is, other than it sounds familiar. Hot chocolate, with syrup (?) and milk. Tastes milky, but it did keep me awake for the rest of the class. :)

Stayed back to do some more work on the pool design, till security escorted me out as they were locking up at 8pm. Seems someone forgot to lock up the night before. 

Alannah Hill is definitely going downhill.

lnteresting eBay finds. A retro style swimsuit that has everyone staring. XD
A dress that they say will make you into a stick insect. Cool retro swimsuit $15.
What looks like a witch's dress, but much much shorter. And an interesting backless dress.

We're watching OUAT and we love Emerald! Have yet to find Selena's brooch though.

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