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White Chocolate in Mug ('n' Warmer) $6.80

Hot chocolate with Jas at Theobrama, we both had white hot chocolate which was nice but also the milkiest hot chocolate we've ever had, needs a lot more chocolate. Also a leaf of mint for presentation and deco would be great. 

Fondue for Two $18

Fondue for two came with a kiwi, some orange, banana and strawberries. There wasn't enough chocolate for two, I do believe we got serving for one though as we have an group buy offer. If it was half the amount it wouldn't fill the entire bottom of the bowl. 

Service was fine though it would have been nice if there were serviettes on the table and if they provided a bottle of free water (as in glass bottle + 2 glasses) like other chocolate places. Though not this place doesn't specialize in chocolate, disguised as a chocolate shop they do all day brunch and lunch.

We wouldn't recommend it as anyone can make a milky hot chocolate at home and servings are stingy on a voucher. Nothing wrong with service this time, but the asian boy with thick rimmed glasses is awful!

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Airstream Cafe

A modern $$ place.

Busy on a Friday Night.


Does anyone have certain food cravings? Last week it was salmon for me, lately it's cake. And no I'm not pregs. Breadtop closed early so we went exploring, found Airstream Cafe where we had a slice of 'Butterscotch Mousse' which was interesting. 

Butterscotch Mousse $10

The first taste was of the shards of white chocolate, low quality homemade, for a $9 slice of cake we expect quality, that or lower it to $6-7. The cream was unsweetened and freshly whipped. A shard of butterscotch was indented on top, tastes like the window of a gingerbread house. :P The mousse melts in your mouth, great flavours. 

The crust was way too thick! If I can pick it up and hold it by the curst we have an issue. Also it was a bit hard, so parts flew off the plate, and I would have liked to ask for a chisel and hammer.

Overall it was nice - just the mousse, but for $9 you can do much better. I prefer Breadtop's $4-$5 slices of sponge cake with cream. Don't ever buy a slice of cake for $10! Unless it's like LuxBite, B&P or some other specialty cake place!

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Do you have a place that you always go to for cake? 

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