Week 11 - BYO Mint Leaves @ Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Tuesday 14th May
Week 11 - We're 2 weeks behind atm.

Feeling delighted! We're going to high tea on Sunday! But aren't you working on Sunday? Yes am I but I found someone with a food handling certificate to replace me. Sad I won't see all the cute doggies. :( But we'll be getting high on sugar and it's also a crafty event, where we get to make pretty stuff!

Not much to talk about over the pass few days as we're just working on the Neverland report. One person has decided to join us the day before it's due, the girl who's been in the group since the beginning. The other didn't sleep last night as she's still on it! Very dedicated to passing. :)

Sent Hector the toys I won last week, as his kids (2 boys and a girl) would appreciate it much more than me. The bakery workshop icing/sprinkles are totally safe to eat because they're by Queen and do have an expiry date. Did check first that his kids are still little. :P 


12pm, 5% girl (that's the percentage of the report she did, her contribution) has not done her part yet, as 4hrs before the due time she doesn't understand. If she had been to classes she would, or even if she had just read the book. Team profiles she has 2yrs exp in weddings, has humour and is good at teamwork. XD That's ridiculous, she barely speaks english and is a last minute person. 

Mail! I love eBay. A necklace for $3 that's $15 here, was $30 at Lovisa. 

OMG a purple parcel! We never get purple mail here! It's from Tiny Hands in Minnesota, far far away from San Fran. Bacon scented pizza, I like it surprisingly (note that I don't eat/like bacon). 

We went to a taste testing event tonight, that was fun, we tried two things and answered some questions about it. One was a drink they sell at home, tastes exactly the same as I remember. The other was a concept I've seen before by a competitor, through changing the shape of your product is really copping, it's not specific enough. But I like it! And depending on the price I'd buy it. Not often though as it will kill you eventually.  

Stopped by not a local Coles on the way home, they didn't have the ice cream flavour I was after, and were sold out of yoghurt (the one on sale, single serve). A guy who worked there was so nice, straws were also out, and have been for a while. He seems familiar but I can't quite remember where I've seen him or heard his voice before, though he did say he worked at our local store for a while. 

Budget, "Doctors do have discretion to choose who pays the fee" but if they don't charge they don't get $6.20 pp. There is no doubt that my dr will charge, another reason to get a new dr. I don't think being assertive and talking about how he has been disinterested will help. My dr barely lets me bulk bill, as he can choose who does/n't.

I knew she looked familiar! She used to cool, but now she normal.

We have a dupe, Mary Kay 'Pink Bamboo' and Ulta3 Bo Peep. 


Woke up to find out I came 2nd in a competition, offered a free photoshoot, hair and make-up, and you get one picture. I've seen this offer before, there is no doubt lots of people came second. I'll post about this "scam" or rather hook later.

Today's class was about assertiveness, while I'm kinda aggressive I'm not so good at it on stage. Mr psych was great at it, a paragraph with every second word being f**k. XD He also did submissive. The scene was one person asking for the other's work on a report, no one has the nerve to ask me hence it's not realistic for me.

Had hot chocolate with Jas. 

Won tickets for something! "[A] walk the red carpet with Fan Bing Bing, Peter Dinklage and Hugh Jackman at the Australian Premiere of X-Men: Days of Future Past." It's random chance, 5 winners. Hope jas will have a great time, as I have class. :P One day we shall go to a premiere.

And $$ mousse dressed up as a cheesecake. I was craving cake.
I'm starting to consider carrying around fresh mint leaves for deco.



One in 60 chance and we won tickets to the premiere for X-Men No.6, gave them to jas though as I'm not interested, and have lots of work to do... You know you're special when you get a lanyard at an event you aren't working at. ;) People were buying tickets on gumtree for $100 each. O.o

Dinner for One. The banana dessert was yucky. Bananas were gross!

Sushi was what I really wanted, but they were closed by the time class ended.  


I spent the day procrastinating, not even watching tv or the wrong thing, instead I hibernated. Must get out of the house next week, home is a vortex that sucks the life and happiness out of people. Anyone seen Monster House? It's like that but with a fence  that you can impale yourself on, the gate is always locked, and with high security. 

Le beau & co are out to see the opening night of 'La taviata' tonight! Sounds amazing, and I was invited though I have reports to do... That and as his mother got the tickets (through networking) and  told him to invite me it's a bit scary...

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You're a gun for finding bargains on eBay that are dupes!

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