@ Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Tried the it "L'Occitane - 20% Shea Butter Hand Cream" a couple times today.
Pro - It does work!
Con - Takes 45mins+ to "set in" & it DOES leave an oily residue, and I'm not a fan of the fragrances, it's a tab bit overpowering for me, and smells familiar yet idk what it is...
Conclusion: Nice but no. I'll be going back to my "Vaseline Healthy Hand & Nail Conditioning Hand Lotion" which is around $4 for 75ml.

Can't seem to find any decent pictures :(

Edit: Mineral oil is the 2nd most abundant ingredident in this handcream. It is bad for you.
- difficult to absorb and clogs the pores, which slows the skin’s ability to eliminate toxins
- Once absorbed, it is broken down by the liver and passes through the intestinal tract, it will absorb all of the fat-soluble vitamins found there. (that's a bad thing)
- can eventually lead to nutritional deficiencies. Studies have also shown forms of pneumonia caused by mineral oil decreasing lung function, known as lipoid pneumonia.

Also tried "Burt's Bees Lemon Butter Cuticle Cream" I believe it does work and I do like it ^^ but don't use it if you're also using a scented hand cream at the same time, you end up feeling a bit sick.
Pro: It works! And is decently priced, around $6.50-ish
Con: Wish it was fragrance-free and perhaps easier to apply, as you need to rub a finger in the cream and then rub it on the finger/cuticle - a suggestion: something like a thin lip balm stick?
Conclusion: Buy again? Maybe, we'll see, but it appears to be 6/10 atm (chances).

Oh and I also tried something that smelt similar to the lemon button, by in a small pot by Bloom, pretty sure it's not cuticle cream XD. Looked up the website and they seem to have a good range of organic stuff, 20 items with 95%+ of organic ingredients. Prices range from $15 for lip balm to $40 for lotions/cream. Will take a picture and contact them late next week to find out what it is (there's no box/labels).

Blog Goal: To write a beauty related post each week - as a part of my goal to improve my skin & effort, the "glam" in "glamazon" (not much of an amazon, I'm short :I )

Meanwhile in college we got major testing week coming up Thurs - Tues, 4 days, 5 tests. About 40 pages of info to memorize + 7 essays (to be planned, written, reviewed, rewritten and memorized). Legal (the 2nd test) notes is going well with only two more bits to cover.


On the topic of drama. I had temptation to steal from one girl the girls who stole from me. Restrained myself just in time, not sure if I can resist a opportunity though... I'll just take a pen and throw it out, not going to keep it - that's just weird.

Moment of the Day:
Me: Do you want to see Death?
X: …
Me: XD Rephrase: Do you want a ticket to see Death?
X: …
Me: XD There’s a play called Death, did you want a ticket?

It's all about interpretations XD. You can get death for free. It doesn't require a $15 ticket. They're giving out free one way tickets somewhere...

Haven't gotten around to seeing HP yet, even though it was out about a month ago. Last day in Wed next week! Was going to go this weekend, but tests dates were changed. Probably won't have time to see Part 1 again 1st, will wiki it. I recall in the end V escapes with his team evil, and opens up D's grave (in the middle of nowhere) and gets the elder wand - which he can't use. And team HP get caught, Dobby helps them escape and Dobby gets killed :(. So now team HP are on the run, and V runs all - for now.

In other news, a former friend (we don't hate each other, we just moved around and have different interests now compared to about 7yrs ago) had her 2nd yr anniversary of being in a r'ship O.O wow, I don't know anyone our age who has had a r'ship last that long (if you don't count me & my cute little bunny rabbit, almost 13yrs and still together ^^).

And something random that came from almost no where (an analysis of one of my possible friendships).
A New Type of Friends: A r’ship where the Q “How was your  week?” where the reply is pretty much “no comment” by you know each other too well in bedroom preferences though have never physically gone there.
e.g. One of my fav t-shirt designs

Threadless (cool t'shirts, for guys) are having a $10 Sale! (not sure about shipping costs though). Ian buys his shirts [collection] there are they do have nice stuff. Link

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