Going KoKo with Projects @ Saturday, March 31, 2012

Not much happened this week, lots of work was due. We possibly failed a project, as we didn't really understand it, the "guidelines" weren't much help. So we just blabbed on about managing businesses and related things, fortunately we both had done a business subject before (the project was done in pairs). It was about new products, in relation to the fast food industry.

Earlier in the week it was winter. At the moment it alternates between winter and spring, though it's meant to be heading towards autumn. We went to KoKo Black for their Belgian Hot Chocolate (5.95) freshly brewed to a traditional Belgian recipe blending full cream milk, cream and 54% dark chocolate. It was lovely, creamy, though not as chocolaty as Lindt's. I think I'll stick with Lindt.

KoKo is located in the Royal Arcade, and at the time they had a gallery with their top 20 finalists for an art competition. The theme seemed to be cute bunny rabbits and "jar of dirt" broken style jars with music notes.  

Blue tint thanks to picnik, auto-correct.

We discovered this wonderful shop of Russian Craft.
They sell Babushkas, though around Easter they do eggs, and ornaments around Xmas.

At some point of the week we also stopped by the Spanish doughnut place, I think I like the glazed ones best.

Thursday, was doomsday the day of our marketing presentation. Concluding our week or organization fail in terms of food, I bought lunch. Spontaneously. Two random bakeries between the station and class. A lovely chicken bun for only 1.90 from bakery a, and a favourite, glutenous sandwiches from bakery b. Glutenous sandwiches, is an asian dessert, sweet green rice with a layer of yellow bean in the middle. It looks something like this but better. Being a rushed and 120% stressful day (I feel stress sick coming on within the next couple weeks) we didn't get pictures of everything. Plus the lighting in the library is epic fail in terms of photography. 

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