One Stormy Carnival @ Saturday, March 03, 2012

Sorry for the lack of posts, figured that when I have free time I should start creating posts that don't need to be time lined for auto-post while I'm away working/traveling, which has been a lot this past week.

Things to look forwards to:
  • Five $5 Eats in the CBD
  • Book Review - Consumed by Caroline Hamilton
  • Book Review - The Mistress by Martine McCutcheon
  • A Guide on Buying Books for College
Monday started with a lecture on economics, I didn't understand it, or rather the lecturer's accent and soon started daydreaming, I might have also fallen asleep at some point like some of the other people around me. Being at one of the top 11 exclusive private colleges means that they hire only the best (actually I can name one person who is just average), and the people who are selected are selected for more than just their qualifications. If you have a particular accent that could be just why you weren't hired. It's not discrimination, it's just that we have difficulty, or at least brain lag when you speak. Don't take it personal. 

At lunch they had a carnival thing on, with free popcorn, churros, cotton candy. Unfortunately they didn't have the clown that made balloon animals around. We had the class for eco after lunch, the tutor, was fascinating and very open - she's Australian, had 5 piercings in one ear, short hair and recommended the best coffee shop in town. 

Yes that is popcorn on the side.

My next class was on Wednesday, eco repeat. This time the goal was not to fall asleep, that did go well, I even did some notes - and this time I knew to bring the slides. It did help a lot that it was a different lecturer, no accent.  

Thursday, early start. An hour late, when it's stormy the trains run late up to 20mins, but the buses don't run late - and they come every 30mins. PD, what's is the point of this class? The first class was like networking. We got partnered up randomly and I was with a boy from China, and got bit and pieces of what he was saying. I don't understand accents. First I first arrived, the teacher introduces me "This is Charlotte, from Canada" and I'm like O.o. It was like that moment in Mean Girls, except that being Caucasian I could have come from any English speaking, caucasian as a majority country. I'm not from Canada nor have ever been there. I'm American.

After lunch on level 3, which turned out to be ground level, when you see it from the street (this college is in an interesting location, in the side of a hill), we had Marketing. I'm starting to notice something. Sasha, that girl in my first class is in all my lectures O.O and makes it a point to challenge me each time. It's actively competitive around here with some people. Marketing is my favorite subject this week, and I spent 4hrs doing notes. Another accented lecturer, but he's slightly better than the other one. The problem is that when I get what he's just said he's moved on, due to my brain lag in translation.

Everyone loves Fridays, but I love them for another reason. Computers. I don't bring my laptop to classes, it weighs too much and costs way too much. The library has many computers, and they take booking a week in advance. On Fridays after lunch no one's in the library, and you can book 'em for up to 6hrs. Slept in and missed events, and they let everyone out an hour early. Though the class was still on, though now it might be cancelled. As there's 4 of us, and apparently it's not worth running a class for four. Being the last class of the day we were the last to pick time slots for an activity, and as a result I'm probably going to fail. There's morning and night, and I can't do night w/o an escort, for safety reasons. 3/4 of the class wants to be a wedding planner (the one being a boy) the competition is so intense you can feel it. Fortunately I'm not in the 2nd class where 22 girls want to be wedding planners. There's so much competition, it's like a clash between the amazing race and survivor with the bitchy-ness of Four Weddings.

We had coffee on campus today, finally summoned the courage to do it XD. The place I always go to for coffee is sadly on the other side of town now and 2hrs away. Vittoria Coffee, it was decent, nothing special - till the end where you get all the sugar. Service was na like most cheap asian eatteries - the deal is you don't speak their language, they don't speak yours, or if they do speak English it's very little. Though the coffee here is better than the Spanish Doughnut ones at the station.

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