Consumed by Caroline Hamilton @ Saturday, April 07, 2012

Amelia, works at Ikea and is a foodie, she want to be the masterchef.  One day she meets Katrina, her teacher, seemingly a creepy old woman. Things happen, Katrina is killed, and Amelia finds herself become more and more like her, especially after she inherits everything Katrina had. After Katrina dies, in a way that's where the story really begins. We all know who killed her (the only antagonist),  but this book isn't a murder mystery, it's more about food. The story first begins in the real world, in Melbourne, for me the picture that Hamilton paints is Elsternwick, and then it becomes magical. Though Katrina's home appears to be Euroa Butter Factory, which is near Shepparton...   

Hamilton's work is absolutely amazing, you can see what she's writing. Her choice of words, just suck you it, and keep you glued till you fall asleep with the book in your hand. Sometimes it's a bit hard to understand, the order of things e.g. Katrina's childhood, her memories, but 's worth it. There are some bits that are quite disturbing e.g. do we really need to see what's up an old lady's dress when she isn't wearing underwear? That part was totally unnecessary.

And a word of warning: if you like your pork/ham/bacon, or faint at the sight of blood, don't read this. But other than that it's an amazing book. And a amusing fact: Amelia's name is only used a couple of times - you'll see why. ;)

Tell me something: are you the kind of person who saves the chocolate frosting? Do you eat the cake first – even if it’s dry – setting aside the rich fondue sweetness for later? Do you take your cake like god intended – carefully slicing smallish forkfuls, making absolutely sure that the amount of cake on your fork is proportionate to the icing? Do you have cream on the side of your plate in a neat little pool? Very tidy milky contrast. Or do you pour the cream over the top, wait until it soaks in, and eat it with a spoon? Mushy. You can have your cake and eat it too…

For unknown reasons my pre-set posts did not turn up, instead they felt like hanging out with the drafts or "scheduled" itself for a past date, and then decided that date was missing from the calender.  :( Hence serval posts have appeared on the blog roll at once.

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