150 Pictures a Week @ Saturday, May 19, 2012

On Tuesday we went to the dentist, which I already blogged about. In the court there was a few strands of autumn leaves, and with the green foliage it looked stunning, and I couldn't resist taking a picture.

After the dentist on my way back I stopped at the supermarket, where they were had a sale on chocolate... And I bought Milky Bar's limited edition 'Cookies 'n' Cream', it's amazing (like a lot of things this week :P other than work) and reminds me of Hershey's, but a more dense version. 

Wednesday to Friday was intensely stressful, with a marketing case study (1.5/3k words) due and events presentation on Friday, which I failed (for not turning up, transport issues). I was looking forwards to it and made lots of notes and spent at least 6hrs on it. :( Missed all my classes this week like the last, currently need to watch 12hrs of lectures.

On Friday afternoon I had a blood test, it hurt, but the nurse gave me red jellybeans, so it hurt a bit less :P. Afterwards we met up with Freud (H's new name, of which he does not approve of) for 'coffee' - which is not the same as going back to my place for "coffee" ;). While waiting for him (Freud wasn't late, I was already there), I went exploring and found this Ulta 3 (nail polish) on sale 50c each. Within the next month I'll do a post on Ulta 3, already got the pictures for it. Ulta 3 was made in Australia but moved offshore to PRC aka China, trying to fool us. Most of the collection was made in China, but there a few Australian ones. I bought a few for me and Emily, who really likes to paint her nails.

On Friday night I organized by collection, relocating them to a new home (moon cake box) and cleaned the bottle tops. How toxic is nail polish? Very. It's almost suffocating when you clean them all. I'm not really a nail polish person and have 10 bottles at the most myself, but inherited mother's friend's collection when she passed away last year. She was very pretty (for her age) and was into make-up, nail polish and in general looking great. She did salon style nails at home, painting flowers and thing like that. 

Freud soon arrived and we went for cake and coffee. Gloria Jeans. A cappuccino for him, and iced chocolate for me. I can have iced things? O.o I expected lots of pain, but being extra careful to where I position it, it was ok. He didn't like the coffee as it still had the beans at the bottom of the cup, even with three white sugars. I enjoyed my iced chocolate - with cream.

With coffee we had cake, sponge cakes. Wrong choice. The drinks were full of flavour, and for me, cold, and so the cake in comparison did not make a complementary couple, it was tasteless. There wasn't enough cream in the middle, but other than that I can't really do a review as my tongue was coated in coffee. Will give them another try in the future.

On Friday night, we received a present, a friend went to asia and I sent him a list, initially it was 5 items, but to make life easier we shortened it to three items. Oil control paper, Peanut Butter Cups and Hershey's Cookies 'n' Cream. :) Not sure how much the paper was, but the cups were $11 for a 340g bag, and 6 bars of Hershey's were $10. They're $2.20-60 here. I'm going to do a review comparing Hershey's & Milky Bar's Cookies 'n' Cream in the future.

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