Queen of Hearts Project @ Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Halloween has come early. One of the things I miss most about home is Halloween, why don't they do Halloween here?!  A friend says it's because it's un-Australian... along with baseball not being a national sport. Anyway, the other week I saw a Queen of Hearts costume on sale, I tried in on, and loved it. Plus I just happen to be wearing my heart pendent necklace at the time. As it was about a fortnight into the sale, I ended up ordering it online from their ebay store (free shipping & paypal, unlike their wensite). It's $30 from BnT. Adult stores are one of the best places to get costumes, though it ain't good for your pocket, because they stock realistic sizes, and have a large range.

Over the next few weeks (doing everything to avoid exams :P) month or so I will be during tutorials on how to make a scepter and headpiece, and style the costume. For the headpiece you could wear a mini top hat, crown or gold tiara for a more princess-cy look. I've decided to go with a mini crown, with glitter of course ;). And to counter buying stuff we thought we might use but don't end up using, we're going to have an overall budget of $20 to spend on the DIY scepter and wand.

Unfortunately, in a way, the outfit did not come from a headpiece and prop, like some of the other costumes from BnT. I would have preferred it come with at least a crown, even if it was a bad one that could be refurbished... The length is good, goes half way to your knees - if you're short like me. If not well then, wear nice matching underwear ;).

This is the scepter I'm going to be making, in a way, using it as a base and then experimenting with colours and designs. So far I've done a sketch of my version, though it was bad and I'm creating another on the tablet. There will be a separate post focusing on the scepter later on. Is it just me or does that red bow get in the way? Progress: sketched (draft) and bought a couple establishments. Currently experimenting with ribbon (bow & candy cane wrap). 

The crown will be part 2 of the project, with part 3 being the overall styling. At the moment the design is pictured, left is easier. It's harder to make than it looks. Glitter foam, lined with felt, as double foam makes it look chunky. The most challenging part will be creating the template, unless I find something similar at the craft shop and trace it, reducing the size. Undecided whether it be red or gold. What do you think would look better?

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