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1. No impulse purchases - once again use the same criteria as jewelry. But this time asks if that style actually looks good on you, rather that it’s pretty. And if it’s a big ticket item e.g. $500, put it on hold and ‘sleep on it.’

2. Jewelry - What would you wear it with? How often would you wear it? - Be Realistic. Also it helps to know what suits you (gold/silver), if you have Miss Fisher’s hairstyle, there’s really no point wearing earrings – we can’t see them.

3. Perfume - Buy what you'll wear often, and they’re cheaper at Perfume Stores, Duty Free and Chemists. Ebay is 95% fakes, don’t risk it. And do not ever buy it because the bottle is pretty.

4. Beauty Products - Use what you got before you buy more. Some also recommend beauty boxes ($15 per month) and they cone with some full sized products, worth it most of the time if you’re into trying new products. This is a hard one, but perhaps only shop at Lush during their 50% off Boxing Day Sale.

5. Online purchases – Do try before you buy, if you can't make it before closing time  put it on hold. Analyze. Also have a maximum of 2-3 packages coming at any one time.

6. DFO & Ebay are your friends, also warehouse sales. But know your size in that brand before you get there. Diff brands = diff sizing.

7. Timing - Buy most of your winter clothes during the June sales and summer during December sales.

8. Hair & Nail – DIY or get a friend to do it, unless for special occasions. Also look up offers by beauty schools, they sometimes offer free colouring or a cut as part of their portfolio.

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