Exam No. 2 @ Thursday, June 21, 2012

Heat wave! That's where I want to be, back home it's summer (as a country we have a white Christmas, though as a city it's rare - last time it snowed was in 2006) 90f or 32c, I'm still slowly getting around these conversions, measurements, oz, inches, pounds... The formula for changing Fahrenheit to Celsius and vice versa isn't fun. And so I still carry around conversion cards in my wallet :P. Back to the weather, it's cold enough to snow here in Melbourne! Fortunately it's only wet and not windy, and with a coat and umbrella you'll be fine.

Not much is happening lately, other than hibernation and exams. Had my second one today, events, time allowed: 3hrs, time used: 1hr. Not sure if that's a good thing... I did check all the answers several times. Life is unfair, we were given 10 topics, and only bits and pieces were on the actual exam. The last exam is during mid/late July, till November that is.

One thing that I have been up to lately, other than cramming studying is the return of art & craft projects! I haven't really started the Q of Hearts Project yet (they sent me a faulty dress x2, work in progress), but I did get a new dream journal and decorate that. It's a blue chunky spiral notebook, in the front cover I have pictures of water-painted fish and the back cover has been covered with pearly cream wedding invitation paper. Does anyone have a dream diary too? Btw there's an app for it. :P

Another development: my "study" area, I live at the library, has been revamped. Not quite sure if it's picture worthy, as all I've done is replaced the photos. Plus the bg has been in many pictures I've posted e.g. 1 & 2. The back wall has a purple, chandeliers, midnight elegance theme (my dark side :P) while the left wall is pretty, pink, flowers and my other half. At the moment the right wall is going to feature so art pieces from my folio.

A friend is going to the US and has "volunteered" to buy me some stuff. And I've asked for a kit from Clinque, still trying to figure out which one though. I saw three ladies at three different locations, two recommended the redness set and one recommended the anti-blemish set. I tried both, and found the red kit, the moisturizer too thick and I didn't like the smell. And with the anti-blemish we had no issues. I'm told the redness needs continuing treatment and it'll reduce over time but never completely go away, while the blemishes would. I have a day off tomorrow, so I may seek out a 4th & 5th opinion (two stores are quite close.) Which would you go with? 

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