7 Days till Exams @ Sunday, February 03, 2013

This/last week not much happened, we went to LuxBite on Monday, I went to class, organized my bookmarks (folders, sub-folders), pdf-ed quite a few crafty tutorials using this site. Freaked out about the exam, made cookies and watched Desperate Housewives. Currently under house arrest till after the exam.

The other week we checked out a quaint cafe on the train line, unfortunately there won't be a post on it for a while, as I couldn't get many pictures - too many people in my way! There was a kids corner and there was that ^ giant bear.

Hand Creams & Cuticle Collection

Started by Pan 100-ish Project, the amount of products (mainly samples) I've accumulated over time is amazing. Took lots of pictures, most were blurry. Must have been drunk... not going to redo them as I'll get pictures of them as part of my monthly empties post.

Lush - Santa's Sack Bubble Bar

Took a bath the other day, much to somebody's objection that I was sinner and going to hell - yes for taking a bath. I swear she's made up her own religion that is against anything that isn't considered essential, and more of a luxury thing. Including any food that tastes good. She believes on surviving on noodles, and cheap basics, never going out, being constantly under house arrest and that I'm a sinner. Anyone seen Carrie?

Anyway... the bubble bar was nice, lots of bubbles, though the scent wasn't that strong. Reminds me of the santa bath bomb from the other year. I like it, but it's nothing amazing that I would get again.

Came across this the other day *click to enlarge*. If Austin was like Ian, and Ian was alive he says I'd told you so, that one day you'd see something you learnt outside the classroom. In this case it was stuff on access. 

Clinque are doing samples again - in exchange your name and number. I always give them the number of the cemetery or a mental hospital. :P Is it just me or the sale assistants not that nice unless you buy something? The lady at YSL at Myer is always very friendly though.

My latest read skim, a book of lists of nice things to try if you had money to burn.
Not very practical or price friendly though, more of a coffee table book. 

Mr eco gave us a peek at the exam on Wednesday O.O he said no pictures but everyone tried to get them. Some succeeded  though they weren't going to share. Boys welcome to girl world. Unless you got something to trade you ain't going to get it (I didn't get the picture btw). Mr eco made the mistake of forgetting to take the doc. with him and a group almost got a copy of it XD. 

After Wednesday I strongly believe that everyone should be forced to learn how to use a computer. We did a group email and some girls (I have no issues with the boys ) decided to send the email after they added their email to the list. Self-fish much? Would it kill you to wait till everyone gets their name on it? Apparently so. Welcome to girl world, where nothing is free, and we aren't friendly unless we see there's something in it for us. 

At the shops a checkout girl gives me a strange look then does the head to toe O.O and then said she likes my outfit (lace dress, sweetheart neckline with a version of this ^ blazer, except with a peplum.

On Friday we felt down with exams ahead and le beau gone (we're still together, he just works far far away in the country on weekdays). Made cookies, which turned out great.

Here are some links to my favourites youtube find this week:
Desperate Housewives, Nora gets shot
Tangled Trailer - OUAT Hook/Emma Style
Harry Potter, Friends Style
Merlin, Tudors Style

On Sunday I reorganized my desk and wardrobe. Random frequently used nick-nacks were arranged orderly in clear plastic boxes. Hangers were replaced, my big white wooden ones for these slim plastic ones (in black).

U shaped thing is a connector to attach another hanger to. Skirt Clips. Pants Rail.  

I received 40 of these along with some accessories. The skirt clips I didn't find that useful, it's about the way it hangs. For skirts I would use different slim hangers. The connector pieces though were good (used to hang one hanger on another, good for same style tops, different colour). The pant(s) rail I thought were ingenious, while I don't wear pants I found them great for preventing wrinkle-free dresses folded over the hanger from slipping. 

These hangers are great, as they're slim you can fit a whole lot more into your wardrobe. If I was buying these hangers I'd get the 100 pack for $300, which works out to be cheaper in terms of cost per hanger. I got them from Pink Lily by the way, but if you're on a budget the Reject Shop has a lower quality version in black, 10 for $3 I think it was.

We've been having a very low productivity week, with four days spent in bed, but I did get around to finishing off two projects. 

My 2013 DIY Diary

While I'd like to use a nice leather diary it's not practical, in size or style, as it gets tossed in the bag and I write random notes in it sometime. But I have upgraded my Marbig daily notebook to a leather one. This is the one from college, customized by me.

Something else I finished was this headband. Note that you do want to use a quality headband, unlike me. It took a while as I didn't order enough of the resin cameo flower pieces. The total cost of this headband was around $3.

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