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This/last week...


Rainbow seen on the way to class. The only thing I've changed here is the lighting, it was darker and glommier than appears. Not sure whats with the colours, I'm guessing that yellow building is Flinders. Not sure what the blue is...

I was very late for class on Monday, as a result of bad decision the case of "15 minutes more". Made it before the end, but I did miss 2/3 of it. :( We did some work on the group project. This is one of the better team work experiences. I think the trick is to attempt to gain rapport. The guy we're working with & I went to the same college (though almost a decade apart) while the girl likes to eat at places in my town. Something I've never done/considered.

Monday afternoons are nice. Devoted to being less stress than usual and card making. This card ^ used the cuttlebug which is a non-electric powered machine sort of thing. You put a metal cookie cutter - but it's almost flat, put it on the 'cutting board' between two hard plastic sheets and roll it through the "machine". The cutter presses into the paper cutting out your shape.

With that ^ card we stamped in the flower, and cut it out using the machine. Afterwards I glitterbombed it. I may have gone overboard with the glitter. If I had crtl+z I'd delete the glitter on the leaves. 

The 2nd card involved pin pricking. Remember those days at the end of the year in elementary, where you lie on the carpet and prick holes on a template picture over black paper? Afterwards you'd stick cellophane paper behind the black paper. It was like that except after we pricked it we threaded it. At first I thought it was draw on, amazing precision! It'll make more sense when I finish it and post the picture next week. :P


Tuesdays likes to induce dramas. Inner Smile. Red Coat. The Game of Domination. Tried Palmer's BB Cream, I like it but it does nothing for me. Light coverage. Emphasizes dry patches. Tuesday gets its own post this week. :)


Made it to class this week! But only because someone pressed the doorbell and woke me up. Somebody forgot to lock the gate this morning! And two women got in and asked me of the plants in the front yard are for sale... hmm. How would you feel if I somehow got past your gates into your yard and asked to buy your flowerbed?

The joy of group work. Not so bad today, it actually went well. As I was away last wk I was placed in a random group, where two members had the most common names in our year (also the names of my two friends in yr10). Essay, I felt dizzy and very sick, headache. Got some air and I was a bit better. Didn't do my best on the essay though. 

Meanwhile mr head of Austin's department leaves me a message - on my phone. You know you're in trouble when they call you instead of emailing (unless you called first and that's how they got your number). Pretty sure Austin has filed a case against me - that or somehow they found the blog, again. Nice to know he doesn't have a backbone. 

Library. *crashes* Too tired to do anything. Went home, crashed on the train. Bought coffee sponge cake for afternoon tea :). 


Went to see a movie.

Dinner & a play with jas. We revisited Shyun, as I didn't get all the pictures last time. It could be just me, but I do find their electronic ordering system interesting, I've never seen it before. Using an ipad you order what you like. 

Black Sesame Ice Cream

Afterwards we went to see 'Scrum' a play performed at our college, where we met 5yrs ago. Took a walk, I swear my old locker has changed - pretty sure the door opened to the right and not left. I don't remember much from back then, but I do remember that time when we decided to hang out in the classroom instead of going to band. :P

Saw the sun. I've never seen it so round or in that position. Wrong lens.  

Friday - He's Just Not That Into You

Today started at the dentist, the new sensitive toothpaste works! But it does have SLS in it... Dental x-rays. Brunch at Subway. 

Madsion & L'Oreal Event at Priceline. Goodie Bags, worth around 80.00

Did law hw, only to find out that the tuts are a week behind. Good news: only one girl (of course it was a girl :P) in our class did the homework. The asian couple in the corner were on their phone half the time and they were caught. Mr law says they'll be reading their answers first next week. XD And Emily and her phone wanted to come to class. Some tutors are like 'I don't care anymore, do whatever you want' but we all know the best ones, are the ones that care that you aren't paying attention.

"The effect of the decision of the Mabo case was to lay to rest the idea that Australia was terra nullius." True or False? My question: why does it have to put things in hard to understand words? Wouldn't it have been easier to ask if the Mabo case agreed/disagreed with the term? Oh and best part: we didn't cover this in case. I don't like self-learning. 

An interesting display at Sportsgirl.

Had dinner with Emily at Pancake Parlour and then went shopping. How long does it take Emily to find and buy a bag? 28 minutes. Efficient? No. I don't like the way she shops - browse in-stores rather than handle it as a military operation. The way I shop is that I identify the item, call to reserve, and then go to try/buy. I know where I'm going and what I'm looking for. Purpose and direction. How do you shop?

Lush - Sultana of Soap

While I love the smell of Lush products their soap actually makes me squeaky clean and itchy, and so do their shower gel, but to a lesser extent. For a moisturizing body wash I prefer Palmolives and so does my purse. And so the lovely SA recommended sultana for me. While is one of their two vegan soaps for sensitive skin. 

Soap & Samples

Looking forwards to trying the bath melts. 

Lush - Easter Egg Hunt Spa
Sad to say in-stores it looks not as amazing. 

At some point...

This came in the mail ^^

My paper lantern arrived.

I love paper lanterns. It would have been perfect for an engagement dinner party.

We had cupcakes on St. Patricks Day, last week?

I bought a set of hangers & wardrobe organizers.
Only 20.00 from Aldi! It's pinklily but cheaper, and less pink.

My current reading list. No textbooks...
Mind Gym is very good, I might buy it as a reference book.
Amazing Face - I've read the skincare part, not really for make-up yet.
Pride & Prejudice + Gatsby - Classics. Once read in school.
Grammar - *zzzz* Not my thing, but I'm working on it.
Opposites Attract - Myers-Briggs Personality Test 

Blogger Krissy said... on March 27, 2013 at 11:09 AM  

Did you get in trouble from Austin's supervisor? And does he read your blog?? Thats awkward!!!

Blogger Charlie said... on March 27, 2013 at 10:06 PM  

Not yet, we're still working on getting everyone at the same time/place. :P Though I have been told there will be measures put into place to save me from myself...

Austin doesn't read my blog, or if he does he doesn't use the work computer. Though usually when someone gets very emotional it's because of something on the blog.

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