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Unlike Barbie I didn't go by Flinders today.
I didn't know she had that many joints. O.o

Spent the day asleep, so tried... couldn't sleep last night. Drafted a post titled 'Grey', now 'Melancholy'. The closest thing I got to sleep was drifting in and out of consciousnesses with Dvorak's New World Symphony in the background. Bad dreams about mr mob calling me idle, emails exchanged, dreamt I was in class too. Don't you hate it when that happens? You dream about doing so much work only to wake up and have it *poof*?

Another unproductive day. My slightly legit excuse was that I hurt myself in badminton yesterday. It's what happens when you've been out of the game for a while. My arm and leg aches. I remember Ashley once said I reminded her of a grasshopper because I jump a lot XD, which is something I didn't realize I did. 

Paraphrasing. Putting it in your own words. That is something I'm finding extremely difficult in terms of work late, or for the past month. I can string together sentences for my blog, but it's not the same thing, as it's original and comes from me rather than a textbook. I believe I have just set the new record for turnitin at 67%. :( 

Highlights of the Day: Won two competitions, one was a random draw, not sure about the other.


Left extra early to see ms events only to find out she's away sick and there's rumored to be (bird?) flu going around the office. Random stranger said I was wearing a nice hat :)

Long day classes 1-7pm, no breaks. A short events class (around an hour) and I still managed to doze off - but just for a few minutes. Absolutely exhausted, as I couldn't sleep last night, got 3hrs at the most. 

Law workshop, another nap. Law is very very intense and the big scary complicated essay plan is due Friday and the essay is due the next week. And then there's the special law referencing, like Chicago, though it's more how to read where it came from that's hard to remember. Haven't started that essay yet. 

Had my events tut at a later time so I didn't have to see the group :). No communications from them. Mr events said my plan is good and the table's fine :). It's a lot more interesting than expected, as I still get to find all the vendors/sponsors for the dinners, parties and other events. Unfortunately we can't get the chamber orchestra, but he says we can have live music - but smaller and more realistic. While having the orchestra play live during dinner is amazing you can't really talk, and the cost would be astronomical-ish. 

Saw Austin. He was wearing a black shirt I haven't seen him wear before, he normally wears shades of blue. Is that a good thing? (seeing him that is, not the thing about the shirts) Hmm... probably not? If he is scared of me he's fantastic at not showing it. Though frankly he doesn't have enough emotions to fill a teaspoon. He smiled when he saw me O.O that or he had something amusing on his mind. It was a smile that said 'I win' though... Just a note, Austin is not genuine, he will be nice to you, but when you're gone he's going to run off and tell on you. The worst part is that he's fantastic at acting all nice and innocent so that you don't suspect anything. I detect some deep psychological disorder within him. He's not talking to me, somehow I forgot to tell him I'm doing summer school so he might not want to. I asked him why he said no but he's not answering any Qs, but he did take a peak at the multiple choice answer sheet - before I dropped it. That was awkward, everything still hurts from Sunday.


The day started off with me stopping by Breadtop for b'fast, and getting to class early. :) Same classroom as last night (with Austin), and it felt as if I didn't leave at all. That or I was exhausted as always, except this time I didn't drop my clipboard. Mob make-up class, mr mob is fantastic. He's super engaging and nice, and only one person fell asleep XD (not me today I'm glad to say). He thought I'd dyed the middle section of my hair (think where you'd wear a wide headband) platinum blonde from far away (I agree things do look different sometimes if you're far away and have glasses). I was wearing a white feather headband. :P

Mob is no.4. Except for the bit where mr mob says if you don't read the book you'll fail, that's no. 3. 

There was some marketing stuff today :) and we went through product placement (think isles, sight levels, supermarkets), and something new things I never knew. Menu engineering/psychology. "An interdisciplinary field of study devoted to the deliberate and strategic construction of menus." It's fascinating  Did you know they don't use dollar signs in menus because 9.00 is not the same as $9.00, with the $ you realize that's your spending, while w/o the $ it's minimizing attention to cost. 

After class mr mob helped me with the projects (one due next week, the other the week after). Got some re-ordering to and referencing (am told examples you know still need refs). My globalization essay is still at 30% original. :(

Trip to the library  Bought the law textbook on the way, we were told it's a new ed. this semester, but it turns out to be an 2011 book. And we all know law books are the most $$$. At the library I did the weekly mob test. After that not much else was done.

Bought some chocolate on the way home, not my picture btw. They're 50% off, making them $3 at Safeway till Tuesday (tomorrow). Not sure when I bought them, but it may have been Friday night. 

At some point, last Sunday maybe we had Grill'd take-away. I do like their burgers. :)

Blogger Krissy said... on April 15, 2013 at 4:17 PM  

Sounds like a busy week!

Ugh, the law essay! I remember having to do that for business law - first you do the plan and then the essay. I honestly have no idea how I even passed that subject. lol

Interesting about menu psychology! I dont even pay attention to dollar signs though - either way I still know I'm gonna have to pay for it! :P

Grill'd is teh bomb! :D

Blogger Charlie said... on April 15, 2013 at 9:46 PM  

I've planned it though haven't started writing it.

Did you do psych 1a? I'm thinking of taking that as an elective. Though I'm not too fond of research methods. :P

OpenID peachcordial said... on April 17, 2013 at 2:08 PM  

I lovelovelove the herb fries at Grill'd. I'm such a sucker for them.

Congrats on competition winning - it's always fun to get free goodies.

BTW I've nominated you for the Liebster award if you are interested! :) It'd be great to learn more about you:

Blogger Charlie said... on April 19, 2013 at 11:24 PM  

Thanks :) I'll post about it next week (my posts are a week behind ;).

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