2 Weeks till Exams @ Monday, May 20, 2013


Sick again, though much much worse then the last few weeks. The stress is getting to me. 

Had a meeting at a new venue. No. 2 3rd Street,  I got it the other way around and ended up at an abandoned house... there was no one there so I thought I was a bit late so they left. :( A few calls were made, including one where I said I was out front, but they didn't see anyone. That's when I realized I got the address wrong. 

Mob tut, exam prep. Mr mob tut is friendly and easy-going which helps the exam nerves. Unlike that sub who went on about how big the project was. I was so high on stress I didn't feel anything. Saw mr mob, who was marking my essay at the very moment I walked into his office. I'm a night owl and tend to have white text on a blue bg, which I kinda forgot to change back to normal... and in word '10 I'm not sure how to. He was friendly as always and said I smelt nice. O.O Was my first reaction as I wasn't wearing perfume and didn't spray my hair. It was the body lotion, a bed of roses. At first I loved it, but it's a bit overwhelming - till I forget I'm wearing it that is :P.

Take-away lunch from Mad Mex. A Naked Burrito (11.00), pretty healthy, except for the sour cream and cheese. Love this dish, though I do wish it came in more sizes than one, I prefer a smaller size. No decent pictures were taken so we're using a stock picture. Plus as they layer it and the container is black you don't see much.

Card-Making Workshop. A boat themed one for a boy and pink/purple one for a girl. Needs to be jazzed up with glitter and rhinestones. The girls exchanged their stories of the week, typical teen pregnancies where the boy was proud (they're 16), and talks of the popular girls, 8yr olds who call themselves sexy. Which doesn't normally happen till they're 16. Sometimes I'm so glad I'm not a teacher anymore. Though I never had to deal with that.

One of the girls bought rainbow cake + macarons her friend made. I've never seen rainbow cake in real life before! No pictures. :( The macarons were great, blueberry cheesecake. The above was $20 including the jar, I'll get more details next time I see her.

Teddy at a Meeting. Unfortunately I couldn't move the bag as it's not mine.    

Staff briefing for this week's event, RSPCA Million Paws Walk. I got lost and wandered around the building (wrong building) trying to get in. Missed half of the talk. Saw where they kept the dogs. So sad. It's the place you're sent when no one loves you. Can we adopt them all? They each have their own room with a canvas camp-style bed and bowls. It's like jail for dogs. :( It made me very sad. As you may have guessed I care a lot more for dogs than people. :P

When "have a good night" means f you. 
Planned to go to bed early. Well that didn't happen, forgot to turn fb chat off and the group went bitch as they pointed out I pretty much did nothing. Not true, I did a part of it - just not as much as them. They pointed out I failed to offer to help with the other bits of the project, true, but they didn't ask and when I dominant I do the intro/conclusion anyway. So I assumed that they wanted to do it. They could have said that in the beginning that I was to do the intro. This is the same beginning where I was given the topic and didn't get to choose the one I wanted. They picked their topics and had a discussion about it while excluding me - I was there in the room ffs!


Very sick, felt like wearing a brown paper bag but instead decided to turn up to class as a ninja. Miscalculations, missed the bus by 3mins, 20mins late. Mr events was nice today, I suppose he was just in a bad mood last week. Exam prep, very stressful as the Qs aren't that easy to break down. Asked ms events to check if I've done all the bits of the computer project. She said no, as if she did everyone would ask her to as well. :(

Group project was sent in today. Printed 28pgs for $21.84! Not my idea, I would have offered to print it for free at home. 50c a page for colour, and by colour I mean only headings were in colour. We all pitched in for that expense. Interestingly only half my part was sent in, the other half was apparently below standard and therefore excluded. Welcome to girl world. Where they're only nice to you when they want something. I prefer the company of men.. 

Nothing particularly interesting happened at school today, other than me being very sick. Can't eat anything that doesn't fit on a tsp. It hurts. Didn't see Austin though I don't really care anymore. Law was intense as always, but even more as we're rushing through the last few topics. 

Home. Mail! A invitation from a place I worked at last year (annual event) for me to join them this year. :) Daffodil Day, in an Australia wide fundraising event which raises money for the Cancer Council. You can help out for a few hours or the entire day if you like. Here's the link for all states.


Slept in. :( Missed mob. Missed enough to fail I think. As mr mob is great, reading the slides at home alone just isn't the same. Spent the day in bed, felt like a Sunday. Sundays aren't good days, they're days when I feel the worst. I miss le beau so much. 

The only thing I did today was go shopping (other than a bit of organizing and highlighting). VIP Night at Chadstone. Happy Lab (candy  store that uses lab stuff as containers) had 40% off and so we bought some stuff. :) Including their amazing popcorn! Should have bought more of that...

Some of the stuff I bought.  

Unfortunately it was quite busy and I completely forgot to check the receipt  An item was scanned twice when we only bought one. So we were over-charged! *sigh*

About Yoghurt had a BYGOF promo, the guy working there was friendly and offered us samples, while I was analyzing. I had cookies 'n' cream which was great, but more on the chocolaty side. Vanilla which was great! And original lemon which was meh, they also had taro, chocolate and another flavour. For toppings there was those cool bursting balls, sauces, sprinkles and strawberry. I went with the lychee balls, which I absolutely love! Didn't getting toppings for cookies 'n' cream as there wasn't anything that went well with it, other than rainbow sprinkles, which are for deco only. It's a self-serve bar, prices are calculated by weight. Bought the above for $6 with the offer. 

At PA I discovered Glasshouse's Tahaa, Vanilla Caramel. It was amazing! But unfortunately I was not allowed to buy it as I still have 3 unopened candles at home, and a 1/3 used one on my desk. P.S. The Mimco ones aren't that good. 


Another day spent in bed. Getting worse than yesterday. Seeing the dr tomorrow. Went to see the opera (as a ninja :P) I'm sick, but not enough to forfit the tickets.

Nixon in China was very good. Even though it was in English I didn't understand (any) most of it. My favourite character was Madame Mao, who had an amazing aria. Nixon in China is playing till the 23rd May, at Her Majesty's Theatre. But there's only 3 more performances. If you have VOyage - Under 30's membership you can get great seats for only $30. 


The dr has no idea what's wrong with me... he re-referred me to the specialist who I haven't been able to contact since Nov. On of those people who are only available at the worst times. 

Law. And then there was one... participant in our class discussions, as I was sick and not talking. Passed on my essay :) Not everyone in our class passed. After class I went to the library  don't recall doing any work, or much of that day, even though it was just yesterday. Got dinner on the way to the station, Boost, as I can't eat anything that doesn't fit through a straw or tsp (I'm sick).

Ever wondered what the difference between these 3 were? 

Saturday & Sunday

Feels like a Sunday, depressing. An all consuming emptiness. As I'm still very sick I missed rehearsals and going to dinner & a show with jas. The theatre group was also going to a show, a different one though. And I spent the night watching 'V-Day', Liz is amusing. I don't think I have enough imagination for that (or rather I have too much and we get lost). A past friend showed me the rubber band thing once XD as something you don't do near the recording, as it can only hear you and not see you. :P

Sunday was spent in bed. Day 4. At the end of the day, or rather at 3.30am on Monday I'm feeling a bit better. Hoping to be well enough to go to a tea party and bake cupcakes for my teachers for the last week before exams. :( Andy went to the RSPCA Million Paws Walk event for me, the job was bbq runner. Basically you're meant to make sure they don't run out of food, heavy lifting involved. So I wouldn't have actually be able to do that. No pictures were taken :( but he said there were lots of sausage dogs there. :P

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