Bocconcini & Tea @ Tuesday, July 09, 2013

Monday 1st July

Lost in my dreams. Catwalk at graduation, finding out about it in law class (our last class) running off to Cue to look for a dress (irl I'd go to Review) and eggs in a vase.

Mail! Moisturizer & Eye Cream from Trilogy. 

As of lately I've been trying to use more natural products. I like Kiehl's but if you look at the ingredients list it's the most chemical thing I've ever put on my skin. Has anyone heard of Kiehl's not looking so good, unlike TBS and Lush. Unfortunately they aren't an extensive guide. 

Finally watched Anna Karnina. Loved the costumes. 


Nutrition Classes. Nothing that I don't know. Guy on my right is a smoker. Lovely. Can I insist he takes breathe mints and spray air fresher about him? He's suffocating me and I think I've got lung cancer. Later on I realize I've seen him about town a few times, and now dread that if I see him I have to make conversation. :( It's not that he's unpleasant, it's the cigarettes. 

Went exploring in town and came across a Goodwill. Got 4 books and a shadow box picture frame - always wanted one of those, for 13.00.

I love this shadow box picture frame. So many ideas... 
though I'm going to stick something 3D in it, sort of like a shop window. 

On the Night of the Seventh Moon by Victoria Holt (1982 ed.)

I picked this book because of the cover. Vintage, simply charming. I'm painting the edges gold though. Printed the year I was born, author died the year after. I intend to cut out this book to create a book box.

Forgot my phone and keys today, and so the afternoon was spent on outside the gates :(. Fortunately I had food, water, music and books with me. Skimmed through 'Ask Your Father_50 Things Your Father Should Have Told You But Probably Didn't'. I'm pretty certain most father's wouldn't have taught their sons how to unclasp a bra with one hand or find the g-spot! I did like the  'how to answer hard questions' section :P.  If she asks "What are you thinking about?" Lunch is not the right answer. ;)

Came across a lovely album, and now I'm looking for a bk one to fill with pictures of people I like, as I don't remember what most people I like look like (partial prosopagnosia). Love party pies from F& P. Mild Nandos Sauce wasn't so good as a marinade. Making PB Choc Chip Cookies perhaps next week. :)

50% off at Safeway.

Tiny cute little birdy!

Made pasta bake for dinner, it was nice. Wouldn't make it again though.
Why? Because cooking for one means you're stuck eating the same thing for a week. 

At some point I made an attempt to make a salad.


Fabric shop. Exchang/returning things at Myer. 
Kiehl's, a nice way of saying chemical is 'pharmaceutical'. :P

Saw a guy roll up what looked like dead weeds/grass/moss in a white square of paper! Google says it's called a joint. He looked like he was selling it. I've never seen drugs irl before but I do believe that was weed...

High Tea with Nick Carraway

Emily bailed, the good: she told me, the bad: she told me a couple hours before on the day, so we couldn't change the booking. Nick was good company though. Everything was nice, nothing wrong (other than the coffee, powder & water, pre-made). With tea and coffee there was only one option, not barista made coffees. One 'jug' of each was sent around. Black coffee is yucky.

Service was very good, particularly with R a waiter who was very friendly, made good conversation (I was last to leave, and the only person on my own) and made up for lack of company. High tea unfortunately is not an experience designed for one, much like most dinning group buys. Good things come in twos. But on this occasion le beau & co are on vacation. The therapist says it was very brave to go on my own, but I suppose I'm used to being alone.

Stott's Business College, an abandoned building in ruins, I think is a carpark. Found an ad for it as a school for receptionists in the 70s. I wonder what it was like before it closed down. Wouldn't it be interesting for a past student to see it as it is now and remember what used to be there?


Comic-Con. 7- 6pm. Exhausting. Resulting in Sunday spent in an 18hr coma. But I did get to see Prue, Piper, Leo (Charmed), Blue Fairy & Jiminy Cricket (OUAT) and the Todd (Scrubs).   

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I was surprised as Kiehl's too. They positioned themselves as a natural company. Who knew!

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