High Tea at Rendezvous @ Thursday, July 11, 2013

4th July - Thursday

I've always wanted to do High Tea, though never have as I can't justify spending $50+ on half of a three tier cake stand. I'd rather go DIY-ish and buy all the food for it. Something I'm adding to the bucket list. On this one occasion I had the opportunity to have high tea at Rendezvous, as there was a group buy deal, high tea for two for $50. Soon we made a booking for the 4th July, as I always do something for the 4th, last year we made lunch dinner and a special punch.

The Outfit

The Location

The Lobby

Straits Cafe - Downstairs

On arrival we were shown to a table and offered drinks, a choice of champagne, soft drinks or orange juice. I chose a glass of pulp-free orange juice. Our first waitress was very friendly, our third waiter said she had worked on the set of 'Life of Pi' and like him was a pro in the field of being a waiter.

While everyone around me was with their family (a young family to my right, and three generations of women on my left) and friends I was alone, though I didn't feel alone. I'm used to being on my own, and always have my books and camera for company. That thought was kind of sad, as sad as saying I'm used to people not turning up or being late. Le beau was never like that, he was the perfect gentleman. 

Savory - Sandwiches
White bread, butter & filling. 
Classic Cucumber - Egg - Tuna - Ham & Cheese

Sweets - Cake
1. (x3) Vanilla Cupcakes w Strawberry Yoghurt Topping
2. Caramel on Chocolate Cupcake. 
3. Passionfruit Curd Friand. 
4. Chocolate/Hazelnut on a Brownie.

Quiche & Scones - Didn't try the quiche as it had ham in it. 

We started with sandwiches, which were nice. Tuna, I'm not fond of canned fish
The ham & cheese I didn't try, as I don't eat ham/pork/bacon.

I loved the egg one, the cucumber was refreshing. Never had that before.

Three's an interesting number, while there there three of these there was only one each of the others. Two would be a better number of Vanilla Cupcakes w Strawberry Yoghurt Topping. Dense, vanilla bean used. Not too dry. I like it, but only ate one to save room for the others. 

Caramel on Chocolate Cupcake. - Almost too sweet. I liked it though. 

Passionfruit Curd Friand. - Intense frosting, on a base that was a bit dry.
My favourite thing on the tier, if it wasn't so dry.


The scones were lovely (I ate both), served with cream & jam. 
Light & fluffy, warm from the oven. I'll be making scones at some point. :)

Things I Didn't Eat

Actually I ended up having half the chocolate brownie.
If you're going on your own and plan to eat everything be there for the 2hrs.
No t/a for OHS reasons sadly. :( Though you might get lucky. ;)

Tea & (Back) Coffee - Poured from a steel carafe, pre-made. No customs sadly. Though we were offered refills, I only took a sip.

Our third waiter, was super friendly and chatty. He had always wanted to try high tea though was always working, so hasn't had the chance. He made up for lack of company for the day. :)

Was it worth it? Without a deal this experience would have cost $100 for two people, but for $50 (for two) I'd say if you wanted to try high tea like me then yes. Though if you're just here for the cake and scones try Hopetoun Tea Rooms instead. Service was consistently very good.  

My preferred version of high tea would be to go to Hopetoun's Tea Rooms. Though realistically I'd never go there as I have to known exactly what to order and how much everything is before I go somewhere. It's my 'must plan everything to the exact detail' thing.  A reviewer said "no cakes are priced so you get a nice surprise at the counter"  and no reviewer mentioned the prices. Might call up to ask about that tomorrow. Yes it will be weird. But with me expect the unexpected. :P 

 If I could do high tea at two place it would be at the NGV, Monet’s Garden High Tea, just for their amazing sweets tier. Unfortunately everything else on the tiers is your usual stuff. That and Hotel Windsor (weekend includes a dessert buffet) which is $80.

Have you been out to high tea? Was it worth it?  

OpenID peachcordial said... on July 17, 2013 at 2:38 PM  

I've been to the Mad Hatters high tea at the Westin here in Sydney. It was a whole lot of novelty but it was a good day at out the girlfriends dressing up. The food was all Alice in Wonderland themed, it was lovely, but maybe a little overpriced for what it is.

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