Five Events in a Week @ Wednesday, October 02, 2013

Monday 23rd Sept

Sandwich Technique to Eating a Cupcake
Not my cupcake, my chipped nails, me or my picture. 

Unproductivity prevailed. 
How to Eat a Cupcake, Like a Gentleman
How to Eat an Apple Like a Boss 
How To Shuck Straw-Berries, Like A Boss 
I just cut the top off, but in a cone shaped hole.
How to Eat Chinese Takeout, Like a Boss. I've never bought Chinese t/a, but it's definitely on my list now, something in a noddle box. None of these store are in the city. :( But there is one in South Yarra! Everything sounds amazing!
How to Sip a Soda, Like a Sir. That's what I do when I can't get a glass e.g. on a picnic where someone forgot the glasses.

Does anyone have a suggest for a place that does noodles in a take-away noodle box? 


Free Boost! Pirate, fairy, and teddy. 

Teddy must be a Bear and taller than 18cm

Isn't this pretty? I'd hate to be making them all.

On the way to school we stopped at a random shopping center.

Bought one of those subscription hobby magazine that start cheap but then cost $14 week and every 2nd week you get something to add to your kit. Don't ever get those, they're a rip off and not great quality. First issue was $2 and came with a macaron baking mat!

Hope it doesn't melt in the oven....  

We had dinner at Tandoor Indian. Review coming up soon.

After dinner we went to see "A Singer Must Die at Chapel off Chapel". She sung for a bit over an hour! Jas wasn't as impressed as I was, being a performer himself. It was very good. A series of unrelated stories, my favourite was about Frank the ex of 7yrs.


Too tired to function, missed a play and a concert. But I'm told that the concert was great - as almost always. Le beau & co went. 


Watched Enchanted with le beau, I really like it! Especially picking out the Cinderella Sleeping Beauty/Arial/SW references. Love the prince, he's amazing - was in Hairspray and 27 Dresses. I knew Nancy looked familiar! She's Rachel's mom in Glee. Loved that everyone got their happily ever after, but it was strange that Giselle gave up her home and everything in fairy tale land to go live in NYC. The evil queen was cool in that she was SW's Evil Queen as well as Maleficent  Why can't she fly? Also in FT land she was pretty, in real life not so much. 

True Love's Kiss

On the way to school we stopped at Kikki K and Lindt for a mocha. Oh I do love it when he takes me to school/comes with me. :) Read an article, started typing up part of the project, met mr cb.

Didn't have time for a proper dinner, Caesser Salad w/o bacon from Grill'd. Nice, but not enough ingredients for $13. That and it was a messy, as well as being everywhere inside (as expected with t/a) there was also egg/sauce all over the box - on the outside! We went to Degraves and they were very busy (no place for dine in) but still they shouldn't have gotten it everywhere. I much prefer my local Grill'd in Elsternwick (near the station). 

We went to see 'Rama Nicholas in Death Rides a Horse'. Set pre-civil war, 1840s - Wild West! The show was amazing and hilarious  One woman, 15 characters include: evil sheriff Monroe, cowgirl Jessie (main character), her Spanish co-star, her horse, her mama "madame" and her 3 whores (3 slutty sisters). Audience interaction? Yes! We sat center front and at one point she got on his lap and asked if he'd seen death, and then still on him learned into the 2nd row. XD He didn't know what to do. And then later she passed around 'Day of the Dead' masks and Taco Bill hats and asked those with props something else. There were some replies! XD It was very funny, she played a horse, that's gotta be fun. 

She also play the ghost of twin girls, paired with lighting and sound it was scary! I moved closer to him and latched onto his arm - note that I am not a touchy feely person, didn't let Hector hug me. Imagine, we're certain she practices at home in the mirror! She was amazing - it was like something from a horror film! Oh and there was singing, the whores once had a dream, well all but one, one dreamed of being a whore and that came true. She sang as 3 characters, as in they had a line each continuously (one right after the other) and each time she moved her voice and posture became that character. Lots of R rated language and riding/blowing references. XD Well worth $25. Highly recommended. 

I'd imagine out there in the Wild West there'd be a tourist town, acting like it was the 1840s with saloon girls, cowboys, sheriffs and shoot outs. And the occasional cactus. ;) I'd love to go there.

Random shop on the way to the tram. That light's pretty cool. 


Study plan failed. Picked-up dessert on the way to meet jas at the apartment, while he checked out every floor looking for me. :P Pictures failed but I'll be back another day to get them.

Spanish Doughnuts aka Churros

Original Glazed - Love! The classic, crunchy and sweet but not too sweet. I prefer this over the plain ones you dip.
White & Milk Loop - The basic dipped in chocolate, hard to cut with a wooden knife jas said. I quite like it!
Strawberry Cheesecake - The deluxe higher priced ones weren't recommended as they just didn't have that crunch, but I've always wanted to try out. They were out of salted caramel brulee and custard so we had this one. As you bit it the chocolate falls off in pieces, the churros cake like hmm... it was interesting? And inside it was filled with cream cheese. Wouldn't get it again or recommend these jumbo/deluxe ones.

We went to see the 'All Beethoven Concert' by the MSO, it as very good. Though I was very disappointed they didn't play 5th Symphony - as that is a part of the Fantasia Concert, same one I didn't get tickets to. :( Because they were the first in the series to sell out, le beau scored some tickets though (no I'm not invited), at the time that they were on sale (selling, not 30% sale scenario) he wasn't talking to me. But we're together again and everything's fine.  

As we got subscriber tickets the concert only cost $33, as oppose to starting from $55 (yes that is concession). I do love it how the Under 30 Club makes tickets affordable. 

There's also the Upbeat Club for full-time students, $45 for 3 Concerts! 
Which by the time you've read this I would have already purchased. ;)

At Some Point...

I bought some stuff. Almay CC Cream, free after cashback (on a card) more details. Guy perfume for a boy who's rarely in my life (I have to call him, he never calls me, like all the boys!). Do boys normally ask for perfume? Note that I said boy, not man, so it's not le beau. Lindt White Chocolate! One of my favourites, say this at the Lindt Cafe ($4) and later got it for $2 at Coles. :)

I felt like wearing big puffy dresses, and I did.

Love my Sugar Cookie Candle!
The composition of a sugar cookie's quite sad.
Artery clogging butter & sugar.

We're going to try to have non-floral centerpieces for wedding, costs less and you can keep it - which I intend to. Mirrors and candles, pillars at different heights, floating candles, white roses (as we're having a small wedding, some florals is ok).

Season One

We finished watching Desperate Housewives. :( Will miss it, there shall be an empty time slot when we'd watch it and then chat about it.  Susan moved to be with Julie and her new bag, at college somewhere. Mike's still dead though she got over his death within two episodes. 

Gabby designs clothing and got her own shopping channel tv show, Carlos gave up his career as a consular (which never really started, save for him having an office). They moved to Cali got very rich (bought a mansion) and their kids vanished (no mention of them, or anyone's kids other than Sussan's). 

Lynette and Tom got back together and had their happily ever after. Yay! They moved to NY (Tom was fired so no job to hold him down) Paige (Lynette's baby) and Penny dispeared  But they still ended up with six grand-kids  Lynette became CEO of the US division of Katherine's company, and they (Tom & Lynette) bought a great penthouse.

Bree married Trip (her lawyer  and they moved to Kentucky  where she became a politician for some conservative party. I didn't know she was political? Sad that she gave up her cookbooks and company a while back. Her kids left her, so mention of them, though they are adults.

We do like the construction of the finale, the flash backs to most memorable moments, and the ghosts at the end. It went a bit fast, so here's a list of the ghosts, little boy with McClusky is her 12yr old son who was mentioned once. Lots of ghosts were just extras I think. Is Orsen's mother still alive? Last we saw she was a paraplegic  What about Orsen? Not sure if he's dead though. We also didn't see Felicia Tilman. 16, I think we didn't get a good shot at. Oh and we didn't see Edie! 

As a sugar addict I normally crave sugar but for the past week or so I've been craving salads with feta and olives. It's odd but I like it! Except for the part where we have chocolate chips, blocks, Tim Tams and Choc-Coated Popcorn - but no salad ingredients other than a dressing I bought a while ago.

What's your current craving?  

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