Jasongrech High Tea Salon Show - Part 3 @ Tuesday, October 01, 2013

Jasongrech High Tea Salon Show
Part 3 - The Dresses

There was a showcase of 13 dresses designed by Jason Grech, some were lovely others were interesting. Along with the dresses floral bouquets by Flower Temple were also featured. You weren't meant to notice prices as they use that marketing technique where you say the number only but not the dollar. e.g. ... this starts from 180. 

Brigitte Warne - Baroq
She's stunning when she smiles! I think she's the model on the site.
I love the big ballgown dresses! Not strapless though. 

Throughout the show le beau didn't comment on the girls, only the dresses.:P

Anthea Crebbin - Stellar
I didn't really like this one. Thought the flaps were weird...

Oda - London
She's also stunning! Love the shape & flow of this dress.

Anthea - Chrysler Gown & Lauren Corbett - Galaxy

These ones said 20s Gatsby to me, with the dropped waist and material. I like the Chrysler but not the Galaxy, that one was too ordinary and the material wasn't amazing. It says more party then wedding to me. Too many buttons! Without the glitter the dress would be bland. Lauren has amazing brows! Though I think she's a bit tense, and would look better if she smiled.


It's alright, don't like how the bottom of the dress is veil-y though.
Too much of a mermaid shape. My style is big & puffy - Cinderella with corset back.

She's so pretty! The model.

Looks better without the belt. Didn't like the neckline. I think I'd like sleeves.
To me this is another evening dress, not a wedding dress.


It's nice but I found the whole thing odd. Back was weird and neckline. 
Would it look better with a sweetheart necklace? Delete the thing in the middle.

Lumier - (Right)

I suppose I like it without the belt. The lace overlay where it's not over satin is strange.
Perhaps if the dress had lace sleeves up the elbows it'll be nicer.
Once again not fancy enough, be nice for a tea party though.


Lily liked this one, but it's too simple for me. Nice for a beach wedding though.


This one was nice, too simple for my tastes though.
Don't like the neckline, too basic - but if you wore a big necklace it would be ok.

This one's interesting. Le beau said it reminds him of cake.
Lily & I think it's more of a petticoat, something French, that you'd wear under a dress.

Veil like over satin. Flower petals falling down the front of the dress.
It was interesting, perhaps for a fall themed wedding?

Flower Temple 

I had the pleasure of meeting the very charismatic Jason Grech who's very friendly and passionate about wedding dresses, being one of Melbourne's leading couture bridal wedding gown designers. He said...

  • Yes to ballroom silhouette – but have a higher waist (hips aren't waists). I love the ballroom shape but being very short we weren't sure how it was going to look on me.
  • Use a soft fabric, if it’s stiff the dress wears you – you should be wearing the dress.
  • If the dress is paper white it’s polyester, some people may attempt to sell it as silk!
  • Headpiece – try the dress first and then try everything together. Veil length depends on the venue e.g. church vs beach. 

He also suggested colours that weren't diamond white or ivory. Cream? No, he suggested natural (white?). Hmm... I'm still not sure what colour dress I want. I feel odd about wearing white. 

Some links: 

We're definitely going to hire a stylist and wedding planner. This is why it's called the "wedding industry." :P 

The event was lovely, it was nice to go to an event and enjoy it rather than work it, though sometimes both things can happen simultaneously. Is it worth $65? The food was nice, nothing so amazing I must find out who the caterer is, though I do want to find out who styled the event. I found the event more beneficial than le beau who was there to be supportive (after my last solo high tea venture) and for there for the food. :P Lily quite enjoyed it, she wants a beach wedding with a colour theme of Tiffany Blue, Lavender and something else.   

Something which I found that was O.o was that tickets online, pre-sale was $65. And then they had $50 tickets at the door - but you had to know about it to buy it, as there was no signs or info. Aren't the prices normally the other way around? Except with the arts where they have $30 student rush tickets.

Dresses - Jason Grech
Florist - Flower Temple
Stylist - Style & Discourse

Part 3 - This post.

Have you ever been to a Bridal Show? Did you find the dress there?
Any tips on finding the dress?

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