Jasongrech High Tea Salon Show - Part 2 @ Monday, September 30, 2013

Jasongrech High Tea Salon Show
Part 2 - The Food

Lemon Meringue - A mini soft baguette with barely cooked beef - Berry Jam & Cream Scone -  Peach Crumble - Chicken Sandwich - Peanut Butter Cup! - Cherry Tomato & Cheese Tart

Along with the display of sweet treats in front of us there was also a cute buffet. But first we shall talk about the "3 tiers". The savory consisted of three things: Chicken Sandwich, Cherry Tomato & Cheese Tart and a mini soft baguette with barely cooked beef. The first two were really good, the third none of us ate. Though I did nibble at it - it was chewy.

The scones was very nice, though would have been better served warm and with a dish of cream/jam so we can spread on how much we preferred (not enough IMO). 

Cherry Tomato & Cheese Tart

A Peach Crumble, Lemon Meringue and Peanut Butter Cup Tart was on the next tier (I know the scone is on the top and you eat from the bottom up, but I prefer it this way, that way the sweets don't overpower the scone). The peach crumble was lovely and crumbled literally  Lily said you're meant to eat that one in one bit. We all loved the Lemon Meringue. Though le beau's favourite was the PB Cup Tart, a surprise as it had a Reese's PB Cup inside!

Can you see the peanut cup?

Onto the buffet, there was five different macarons, raspberry candy (the jelly type), some other party favour bag candy, Pascal's choc covered marshmallows  packaged caramel popcorn and Nestle's Cookies & Cream Milky Bar. 

While I took photos le beau got us one of each macaroon (5 each, 15 in total) that must have looked odd to other people there. He commented that the other girls (the event was for girls) didn't finish everything or even have a nibble of everything offered - unlike the three of us. :P

We started with the white one was vanilla & olive, too faint in our opinion. The orange was salted caramel  nice but once again the salted caramel filling didn't have that kick that La Belle Mitte had. Pink was raspberry, I like it, the shell was perfect (most were). Green was pistachio and the the cafe au lait one wasn't hazelnut chocolate as predicted  It was coffee, and by coffee I mean espresso! Wow it was strong! Lots like no one's going to be sleeping tonight.

Tea, coffee and orange juice was offered by the two waiters who went around. Interestingly they missed us (and only us) is it because I'm American? Le beau soon asked for chamomile for Lily and orange juice for me (w/o me asking) I love it how he knows what I like.  

While tea was happening Alison Mayfield the photographer came around to chat to us. She highly recommended doing engagement photos with a photographer to see if you like them before you hire them for the wedding. We have already planned this, though want to have the shoot within a year or two of the wedding.  

It seems everyone is a bit O.o that we've started preparing the wedding so early, well I do like to plan. This way we can get dibs on the venue and first choice in everything.

Before the tea was served was the Bridal Show, which will be the next post.

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