Jasongrech High Tea Salon Show - Part 1 @ Sunday, September 29, 2013

Since I took a billion pictures there shall be three posts on the "Jasongrech High Tea Salon Show". Deco, food and the dresses. Also I'm trying something new with the picture editing  instead of rounded corners I've leaving them sharp - don't really like it for single pictures, but I love it on the collages.  

Part 1 - Deco 

As a part of le beau's birthday we went to the 'Jasongrech High Tea Salon Show' though I do admit that I enjoyed it more than he did, Lily also joined us (and it made me look like the 3rd wheel... but it's ok, I'm getting used to it). Lily came as my MOH though and she really wanted to see the collection.

The venue was the Glasshouse at QV. Best to take the tram to Bourke St and walk.

The target audience was brides (getting married relatively soon, looking for the dress) and their bridal party. Another event marketed for "the girls" (and two guys). It costs $65 for the event, there's the usual-ish high tea including champagne. The ad also said their were giveaways and showbags, which didn't happen - unless the showbag was a MOR lip balm & 20% off code, cupcake/tea voucher (worth $5) and bridal magazine (worth $10-15).  

On arrival we were offered champagne, sparkling water or soda. Le beau picked the first, I had the cranberry soda and Lily had the lemon. We were shown to our seats at the communal table for six, though moved on my request as the lighting was too bright for any decent pictures.

I've never tried paper straws before, but I think I prefer the plastic ones.  

Each seating had a bridal magazine (Bride or Destination) and MOR lip balm. Between the three of us we got 3/4 flavours (missed the teal). 

MOR Lip Macron - Lychee 
Lychee, Blood Orange, Apple. Main ingredient: Mineral oil/petroleum jelly. That can't be good. :( Metal tin = you can't microwave it to liquidate it to transfer it into a tube. Pot = unhygienic  restricted to use in the bathroom only. I like the novelty of it, but as I wouldn't actually use it and neither would le beau (we both love Burt's Bees) Lily got all three. There was also Sorbet but we didn't get that one. I wonder if it's lemony.

I love MOR's styling for their ads. 

We also received an envelop of cards from sponsors,including a 20% card for MOR Online ($5 flat shipping) and a card for free cupcake/tea at a later date.

My cup, saucer and plate was dusty... There were some roses on the table which wasn't so fresh in a fugly vase (in my opinion).  Fortunately the deco of the whole place was much prettier. There were these coconut balls hanging from the roof, $50 each in case you're interested.

Not my picture. 

A bouquet. I'd love this in red, but bigger, circled with baby's breath 
and each rose studded with diamonates. 

Lily loved these little vases, not sure if she asked where we can buy them.
Will ask when we go to tea there later this week.

Each table had different flowers. It was quite pretty, I saw flowers I've never seen before.

The event was so pretty!

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