I was at a location at Harbour Town shops, which perhaps wasn't the best location for my credit card. :P But we did go exploring after work. Took more pictures than things bought which is a good thing. Bought a few things I know some people would love for Christmas.

Mini Jewelry Tree - Earrings & Rings $10
Mushroom Trinket Box! $7

Love the tree, shame I'm not an earrings or ring person. But I still bought one for someone special (no not le beau). Love the pink mushroom, it opens up. How amazing would it be to stick a black velvet cushion in there (think ring box) and stick a ring in there. I'd love a proposal like that! At $5 I would have bought it instantly, but if it's not on sale soon I have to get out before they run out. Which colour do you prefer, pink or gold?

Hold My Cupcake Stand $5

Found this also at Typo, there were only 3 left (excluding displays) and one white. I've always wanted to cake stand but never bought one as apartments don't have too much storage space plus we don't have big cakes as it's just the three of us. But I love this.

Cute headbands, unfortunately they were on the small side. The same shop sold a pretty purple dress that I wanted, but they only had it in sz8 and there was no stretch. Across the "road" was a asian shop that sold mainly junk/low quality bargain basket things - but I found a Review top! Would have bought it except that it wasn't my size and no one I know is a size 8, everyone is a normal size or a stick insect that shops in the children's department (not by choice).

Breadtop - Rainbow Cake $4.20

A sponge is $2.50, add a bit of colour and they charge almost double. Though they probably did layer the colours and it was time consuming and challenging. $4.20 is $$$ for a slice of cake that doesn't have cream/chocolate or is one of those ones in the fridge or display area. I'd totally buy it if each colour tastes differently. :P

Lunch @ Breadtop - Chicken & Pesto Naan $2.50
This ain't naan, it's more thin crust hard pizza. Dislike.

Spicy Sausage Bun $2.40
Not spicy but it's flavourous and I like it, though it's on the unhealthy side.

Love honeycomb balls. One day we shall have a bee themed party.

Nice colours but fail window dressing. Needs more height, don't have all the cyan on one side and yellow on the other. Mix it up. Use shapes, add a shelf, use a scarf or throw rug. This display is just too flat - but it has potential.

This is much better, nice and colorful.

Shoes, shiny and interesting. The black one has shimmer and spikes, looks like a copy of a design shoe. Most of it is clear plastic between the feature toe and strap for the illusion that the middle bit isn't there.

We found the Glow in the Dark Mini Golf Place! And shall be back.

Dippin' Dots. Cookie Dough & Choc Mint I liked. Raspberry lemonade was a sorbet, more icy than creamy. And I like it creamy. It's just not more me. But I love dippin' dots, which my first bf introduced me to at a carnival he took me to, almost more than a decade ago.

Have you been to Harbour Town?     

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