Monday 2nd December

Marketing exam. Lies! Maslow was not on the exam. That was my best topic. None of the stuff I studied was on the exam! So I incorporated it... Need 25% to pass, can get 50% max as I didn't do one huge question. I knew the topic (well half of it) but the quote on DoP confused me. The topics (half) he said were on the exam weren't, and it was set out like he wants you to study the universe and then the exam Q is on Antarctica on Earth. You've just barely grazed it being focused on the rest of the solar system. 

No bunnies were seen. :( Didn't make lunch and paid for it literally. You think the airport is expensive? Wait till you check out the school caf (an told later the asian one on the other side of the acre is cheaper). $2.50 for 2 chicken nugget (McD sized) $1.50 apple, $4 muffins, $7 sandwiches. $5.50 yoghurt. Miss the city, perfect market structure = lots of competition and cheap things. A meal at the caf will set you back $20+. 

Brunch, pasta and egg salad. Got half half and was charged the higher price (must check prices next time first!). Pasta with feta, broccoli essence and LJ. Underwhelming. The egg salad was with peas/corn/carrot (freezer variety) and egg pieces, boiled separated white and yolk, with a sweet mayo. It was very nice, not the $7 price tag though. We need more Subways around here. 

Late lunch after the exam at Purple Peanuts, Chicken Noodle Soba. Very nice, had this before, a little too much MSG though. Love the chicken, needs more noddles. My favourite dish here is still the teriyaki chicken, though their salads and sushi rolls ($3 brown rice) sell very well, being the near the station is why, I think. 

Won tickets for a French film playing this weekend! 
Checked out Santa's Village, got a picture of an elf and tree. 
Selfie/Elfies were taken - not by me.

Arty Crafty Mondays


Tired and lazy we missed afternoon tea. Regret that later on. Went and had my make-up done, contouring and all at NP, the SA was disappointed I didn't buy anything on the spot. Some people look completely different and amazing with make-up, I'm not one of those people. 

Had to get change so we bought a 'Golden Gaytime' Cupcake from Cupcake Central (the guys there are always very nice), it was meh. Nothing amazing. I'm looking for a bit of zing, an orgasm in my mouth - but with food. :P

Music Mugs!

Xmas party. Dean the Ventriloquist performed. He was amazing! Ventriloquy is that art where there's a guy and his puppet, it talks but you don't see his (the guy, not puppet) lips move - almost. 

We got certificates, well not me, as I was called up and they had put the shortened version of my name (Char) so they didn't give it to me. Well that would have been awkward if I could see. To make it worse, the photographer took pictures of everyone who got an award/certificate.

Limited pictures as wearing a mask (which I got many compliments for) meant no glasses and hence vision was limited to 2metres. There was lolly buffet (missed the styling - could I offer to style it next time?), finger food and lots of drinks (no ID) required.

Ate raw meatballs (you'd think I learn from the first time) tis was gross. The spring rolls were nice, fish cakes a bit too soft. Met a girl, she's a dog groomer - literally that is her job. She doesn't have one of those trailers like 'Jim's Mowing' btw. We met a complainer, too much alcohol not enough food. On the invite it did say party (and ball O.o) but it asked for dietary req, which was odd. Next time they should say finger food will be provided/served. 

There was a boy band, they were loud, and they played things I actually knew that were still modern. Like 'I'm a Believer', 'YMCA' and 'Jessie's Girl'. Unfortunately they wouldn't know anything I'd like to request.


Are we late? (12pm) I think so. I love getting lunch/dinner delivered to the apartment, though it's rare as we're in the CBD, food is everywhere within walking/tramming/training distance. Lunch arrived at 1.25pm.

After it hailed.

Daiso adventures. Found some modeling clay, saw the engineer from the food tour (he has a unique look, grandfatherly style and a walking stick) said hi (he doesn't remember me :P). Decided yes I do love the foam flowers, just waiting on more colours. Found a big rose, I'll get it if I can find red glitter cheaply to coat it. 

Candy samples. Best is the salt candy. Cherry is yucky. 
The others are meh, strawberry was nice.

Picked my subject for next year, no creative writing and photography yet (perhaps S2) due to clashes. That was quick. Saw Mr French (Chef), called out his name but I got it wrong O.O one letter off (his name is not in English).

Shops, picked up a book I ordered (xmas/b'day present for me, fun read for us) last month, that came from the US. Skimmed it and I like it, so does Andy who will use it as a guide. It's not old-fashioned like some of Zoe Foster's advice in 'Textbook Romance' which is a guide for me to be a spinster. Foster says it's up to the guy to make the first move. NEVER make the first move. Fact: 2nd last guy to ask me out was 3yrs ago.

Here's a quick review of the book. I bought the book because I had a giftcard but you can get it as a epub here for free  I've tested it and it works. After that I used zamzar to convert it to a pdf. 

Upon chance a $$$ homeware/gift shop had 20% off today only. This is where I bought le beau's swan mask (tie on, black & silver). There were only a couple masks but we found a black/silver one on a stick that I really like. I would actually use this , and have pictures with 2/3 of my maskes at home (no.3 being le beau's mask). $27, I got it for $22 on sale. No exchange, no refund, nothing. Dislike those stores. I'm keeping it though. Those dark wine flowers are lovely, but they're $10 a bunch. If they were $5 I'd get one, perfect for a new headpiece.

The Mask

Love this, if only they had a bunny.

Home. Won four competition today! You know those surveys that offer 'Win one of x $y value gift cards'? Well I rarely do them, but for work I did one (selected crowd though) and won a $100 gift card for a small jewelry shop (in the $$$ not Bevilles/Prouds/Zanels jewelry world it's devalued to around $20 and probably can get you a key chain). Got to make an appointment, as they're a custom place and don't sell/have any info online. 

Won 1 in 50 M:Edition by Maybelline New York SuperStay 2-Piece Sets. Tickets to a play next week, and a $50 gift voucher for a etsy-ish arty craft shop. :) Should update my profile to say one of my hobbies is 'competitioning'. :P


The dr hurt his back and is out of action till next year... Which isn't great, but we have a replacement, an Irish dr who I heard is lovely. Don't like Merlin's accent, he sounds odd.

Therapy. Gradual exposure... Well that ain't going to happen. When I see it I'll be on the floor flipping through my book to find the instructions, and everyone will think I'm a maniac.To try hard to get a paid job or no? I have a job, it just doesn't pay, but I do get work exp. And as we don't get timetables till March so idk how any internship is going to work at all really. 

Making friends. Step 1 to making friends: find them. Psychopaths anonymous. When we all get together are we meant to kill each other or form a gang and take over the world? :P Freud says the alike will compete and kill, while different types will form gangs. I believe that everyone you meet online (almost) is a serial killer. But if I wasn't so into the "stranger danger" belief I'd try meetup and a dating site I have subscription to (no I didn't buy it). We'll use the couples version though. In the past few years I've joined a papercraft group (for the retired...) and some stuff for school, met people, got fb friends but no one I actually connect with. Last person I connected with only talk to me when no one else is around - yes she's ashamed of being seen with me. :P Info, you can select looking for activity partner or friend.  It's got lots of bad reviews for customer service btw. It's for NY mainly. How it works.

What do you think of meeting people online?

I forgot how big regular size was at Grill'd!

Mail! A surprise gift from le beau sent in a very heavy tube. <3

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