Birthday Wishlist @ Saturday, January 04, 2014

Just a bunch of things I like, some are easier to find than others.
* = Includes Shipping

French Kids Eat Everything - Did you know the French don't believe in snacking?! $22 

Waffle - Tiny Hands $28 - $42* Shipped!
Burger Necklace $28*

With the last two items if you want to buy locally you could request a custom 
from Saturday Lollipop (Melbourne) rather than pay $$$ for postage from the states.

Cherry Brooch - Cloud Tree Paper Craft (Contact seller for this one) $10*
Bokeh Masters Kit - Out of Stock (?). $30
Bottle of Pokeballs $22* 

Burch & Purchese - Favourites Gift Box $30
South Yarra - Free pick-up but they do deliver.

Jurlique - Essence of Rose Roll-On Fragrance Oil  $28

Ecoya Candles - Vanilla Bean $20 & Sorrento Love $25
Shipping $10 Flat Rate

Glasshouse Candle - Tahaa 60g $20 / 350g $40

Gift Card $50
If you're fast you can get it for $35 here.

Wax Seal Kit in 'D' - I love monogramming everything!
Be Enlightened Candle - Vanilla $35

Gift Card to Beserk - Love their Rockabilly Dresses $50

Another gift card idea would be, Book Depository. Not sure if they do them though... 

Rose in a Bottle - I Like Shinies $63

Some cards I like, they'll also be a huge card to sign on the day.

If you're feeling crafty you could make this.
If not it's $5 at Typo.

Not really dislikes, but more of things I already have too much of...

  • Stationary - especially notebooks, I collect them but never use them... We have the calender for this year. But I am looking for a leather notebook with a spiral binding to stick my pen in.
  • Lush - I have very sensitive skin, Lush makes me itchy. Other than their amazing 'French Kisses' bath bomb thingy. 
  • Skincare & Make-Up, Hand cream, Perfume. - This includes shower gel and co. Allergic to life and too picky. Things I buy myself. I may hoard hand cream a little... Perfume, I have all the ones I love already. Though YSL Elle would nice but too $$$, that and you have to buy it from overseas.
  • Nail Polish. - I don't paint my nail often and have 50+ bottles (inherited about half).
  • Cds & Dvds. - Never use them, no CD drive. We have a dvd player but I don't have a clue how to connect it to the tv.  
  • Tiaras, bracelets, rings or scarves. - Things I don't wear or have enough of (tiaras).
  • I hate - lavender and lemongrass. I'm a rose person.
  • Random decorative things that aren't bunny shaped - Just cleared out two shelves of pretty things in my room to make room for headpieces and things I actually use. 

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