Cinderella likes Butterbeer @ Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Sorting perler beads.



Love getting freebies at the station though to get them you have to be mainstream as they give out free samples at peak hours, in the morning at Flinders and afternoons at Southern Cross mainly. Though it's random.

Train was 5mins late (waiting for a platform) so we missed the next train and bus. Was a bit late so the group didn't practice as much. Presentation was alright, as I came in costume  I did the intro, always use a quote. The good: I had a loud clear voice (what the teacher said), but I was "frazzled" awkward so I made people uncomfortable watching me... Still don't what that means exactly other than I've got to breathe and keep calm. 

Saw mr events, filled out some forms, got some more to fill out. Too hot to function... Work has been cancelled. The library is amazing and cool, some of the trains don't have air and only the new trams that run on Bourke and Swanston do. Had my brows done.

Butterbeer at Starbucks $7.50. Was amazing, they still have toffee nut (xmas ed) for now. Missing le beau very much.

Found a piano! But it was way too hot to even be out here!

Knitted trees, do people come here and knit around them at night?

They're very interesting.

Home, feeling sick crashed again and not in the tub :( Got up at 4am (now) going to take a shower and bath when everyone goes to work.

Mail! Something from Intrinsic, Adele has amazing handwriting I thought it was a font!

Gift Voucher for the MSO

The last SMC parcel from NY. As I haven't posted hers I can't open it. Sending lots of chocolate and we're having a heat wave atm. Meanwhile on the other side there is lovely snow!

Hello M&Ms.


Work was cancelled due to the heat. *click to enlarge*

Wishing we were here, instead we made smoothies. 

Took pictures for the blog with a rare glimpse of natural lighting. Received a lovely journal, in purple. Still not sure what we'll do with them all. 

Another quote, 3k excluding something else that we might need. Second dr opinion says a whole lot of medication and I'll be fine, though she hasn't seen the scan or another. Also going to see Adrian when le beau & co are back.  

Humility = bad weather for macaron making. So we're having two cakes for the picnic.

Alternative no. 1 - looks & tastes good.

Will it stay all together? Won't taste good unless served cool/cold.
Yes we might have one at the wedding, the one on the left looks amazing.

But I am getting married, we shall have an amazing place, and I am crafty.
Just not crafty enough to make our complex stationary set.

Sounds like a good idea. :P

Unlike these chairs, while I love glitter I hate the see-through chairs.

Fun nails.

Dupes, but I can't give away one from the collection!

Blogger Kay HermosaVogue said... on January 22, 2014 at 4:23 PM  

Urgh I also hate clear chairs. Those profiterole towers are generally stuck to styrofoam (sp?) using toothpicks.

Blogger Charlie said... on January 22, 2014 at 7:33 PM  

Oh I didn't know that, thought that was only macarons.

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