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Monday 27th January

No work was done, lots of forgotten dreams. At night I heard Cannon in D being played on the organ. Went outside and it was quite out there. Hearing things? Laptop's on mute. 

Discovered Barbie: Life in the Dreamhouse this looks like a modern take on Barbie, oh wow she's dumb. It's like BB or something. I don't like this version. Love the second generation series though. 

Watched the first ep of Ravenswood. My opinion: Holy Sh*t! I'm sleeping with ALL the lights on. Also a gun, silver bullet, holy water and the whole kit under my pillow. Should we call a priest too? Definitely should hire a couple Lady Jayne's (vampire hunter). Meanwhile ms cards watches episodes alone in the dark, marathon style. Oh and I didn't even finish the first episode.


Forgot my gloves, missed three buses, was very late to class. Didn't finish the essay. Group meeting, one ran off to lunch and never came back. The same one who copied and pasted his entire part of the report with no references. Almost ready for presentations on Thursday, this time we're all doing scripts. We have a rambler among us - and it ain't me. 

Off topic discussions. Tapping inside the wall, guy call priest (this is scary cause he's a big guy, and not a wimp) for an exorcism. Turns out it was a possum. XD

Late lunch at MadMex, they changed the loyalty card so now you have to buy 15 to get 1 free I think. Dislike, I was on 7/10 then they scrapped it. Shall not be eating nachos each week for the next three weeks. 

Did some scans at the library, we dislike strange book sizes that keep missing the sides. 

Sometimes I skim the "dumb things I heard on the train" section and the "you're hot, but I'm too shy to say hi" on the MX paper. 

My absolute favourite section in these commuter papers is the “I saw you but didn't speak to you” section. mX’s is called ‘Here’s Looking At You’. ... This is a section of the paper where you can try to get in touch with strangers you’ve seen on your commute, or randomly bumped into. And then haven’t had the guts to speak to them in person. The idea is you text in a message describing the object of your affections (so they might recognize themselves) and suggest a date ( 2010).

By random chance I came upon this... no not the one above. :P

"Hot Stuff: To the American sweetie with the devil horns, black knee socks, red skirt, "going places" shirt smf white coat on the x line. The y guy who was on the seat in front would love to have hot chocolate with you." - z "

OMG! That's so cool, never though someone would post something about me. One girl on fb got something about her in the paper. Pretty sure I took a nap on that trip, didn't really notice anyone... And that shirt isn't mine, it's from work. 


Failed to get on that 7.15 train... but we did organize the desk and get some pictures. 

No mail today but I did get a parcel from Burt's Bees yesterday. :) 25WOL Competition, where there was a range of gift sets you could choose to win. I got the pamper pack (foot cream, hand cream, cuticle cream) which is the best value IMO and I'll actually use unlike lip glosses. 

Lately I've been studying styling, and have read a few books. 

We shall talk about the best of the lot. 

Style on a Shoestring - Like most books I read this is American so the shopping calender doesn't apply. But there are plenty of good tips, cuts and styles. Big section of a variety of undergarments. 

The Terrific Thirty - 30 pieces to create 1,000+ combos. Great book for the everyday woman in her late 20s/early 30s looking for a simply but still fun wardrobe. For the mainstream, doesn't apply to me. But I do love the LBDs part, you'll need two for work and evening. There's so many ways you can style them. Side Note - This book has a great layout, uses colours and is printed on glossy paper. Unlike the last book ^.

Style Rx - Love! I've ordered this book. This one doesn't tell you about what colours suit you, when you should shop or any of that typical styling stuff. Instead this book is about problems and how to camouflage them. Things like long/short necks, stomach, huge/flat ass, big thighs, short/long legs. Highly recommended for every girl's bookshelf.  

The WOW Factor - This is one of the best books on styling I've read, it's different. There's history of body shapes, style throughout the ages, some skincare/make-up advice, industry lies and a section on how to dress like you live on the Upper East Side (assuming that's your style, or you'll suck it up and just wear it).


Round 2 presentation, was less awks. Teacher found my script, so I improvised which surprisingly went well. The rambler rambled even though one of the guys helped him with his script. 

Went to OW and bought a daily suduko calender, which Adrian highly recommends. They also had Thomas Kindler, who is an amazing artist, but it was A3 and too big - I'd never use it. 

Next we went exploring at Target, found an ugly fascinator that was like a huge mesh dish. We shall recreate it! It was only $5. They had nice ones that weren't my style for $10, but I like to buy them cheap and redesign them.

Lego Display

We shall be back with the other camera.

Tempting, but no. Fun for those with different top/bottom sizes.

Balloon Guy. I'd like to buy one but don't know which. I like the swan and heart. 

Dinner. I do not liked smoked salmon.

Blogger Ling said... on February 4, 2014 at 8:10 PM  

Bing Boy for the win and seriously I always read that section in MX and wonder if anyone would write in about me. HAHAHA

Blogger Charlie said... on February 4, 2014 at 8:25 PM  

Hi Ling,
Their duck bing is amazing! Which one is your favourite? Wish they had that section online for the rare days that I'm not the the train. :) Perhaps one day you'll have something nice written about you, there's a lot of factors in that to take into consideration though. I don't think they're all published, only a selected few.

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