Play Me I'm Yours - Melbourne (Part 2)

No. 11 Art Center - SKR Terrace

This one was interesting, lots of hand prints. Did a elementary school paint it?

No. 12 Arts Center - Main Lawn

Not sure who the people on the piano are but I didn't like this one.
Did like the lion and aboriginal style artwork on the side.

No. 13 Arts Center - Theatre Building Foyer
This one seems to match the chess square one with it's Australia wildlife/plants theme.
The mini does not do indoor/low lighting, but it got most of the piano pictures.

No. 17 Arts Center - Car Park (Far far away)

I don't even remember how we got to this one. Travel theme. Lot of ornaments.
It was in the underground carpark, love the velvet curtain background.
Feels phantom of the opera-ish. Valet parking is $50 by the way.

It was hard to take pictures because of the light, but here we have Hawaii & Vegas. 

No. 14 Arts Center - Tram Bar

I like this one, it's le beau's second favourite. 

No. 15 Arts Center - Stage

This one I think is Japanese drama-ish themed? My favourite piano to play it just felt right, most of them felt odd, too plasticky - probably from weather exposure. Love the top picture.

No. 16 Arts Center - Curve Garden

This piano was odd, the top was open, and I believe it isn't the same model as the others. Didn't like this one, it was the most plain one. No pictures, patterns or anything.

No. 18 Arts Center - Queen Victoria Gardens

This one was deep in the park, le beau's favourite location if they cleaned up the water feature beside it. We've always wanted to play the piano by in the gardens. Didn't like the design of this one, as I can't tell what it is. We should go for walks more often, with more sunscreen.

Back across the street....

We should have adventures more often.

No. 19 NGV

Powerline theme, very complex. 
Felt it was missing some ravens/crows.
One of le beau's favourites.

No. 20 Recital Center

The next piano was a couple blocks away. Bad lighting. Reminds me of 'Joseph and the Technicolor Coat' and so I played 'Any Dream will Do'.

A mile away...

No. 21 Malthouse Theatre

Our favourite piano. It's beautiful and classy. Something I'd commission.

Isn't it wonderful? They saved the best for last.

Space Invaders! Le beau came upon this when we were leaving.

No. 8 Southbank Footbridge

This one's on the white bridge between Flinders (x) Liz. the same with the locks. We came back later that night for le beau to play 'Moonlight Sonta' aka 'The Background Music to My Sucide (after the Murder)' :P in the moonlight, but we didn't get the picture till the next day. Moonlight pictures are not my specialty.  

For the first time ever in a week (or maybe two, with not many pictures being taken in the first) I maxed out the memory and battery on the mini. Almost no pictures were taken with the DSLR, as I didn't bring it out and about with me. The mini can suprizingly take great pictures if you read the manual (5yrs after purchase :P). The camera however is still sh*t at taking indoor/low lighting pictures. 329 is the most pictures it can hold.

Did anyone play the pianos in the city? Which design was your favourite?

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