Chadstone AW2014 Runway Show @ Friday, March 21, 2014

Thursdays are for events, Friday nights are for the bar. That seems to be the trend.

I have never been to a fashion show where I wasn't a part of or one where we stayed for the whole event (clash with ballet last time we were invited). So I was quite excited to go the this show with Lily, though but we didn't meet up till afterwards. 

On arrival we headed to the champagne bar (most people were at the pre-event talk). Got a table, met Hung who's in events! I have yet to meet a guy into pretty non-sport events! He's into fashion and entertainment, doing all the fashion show at the moment. Has worked with MKR, BB and Beauty/Geek and sees himself as a beauty. I know someone I'd nominate as a geek. :P Reality tv would help with publicity for his carrer. It's very interesting meeting someone so different but still in events. He's an extrovert.

I don't to be in the spotlight! Other than when I win best dressed :P Being a spokesperson/tv personality is not for me. While you don't meet many people in NFP events and it's not as pretty as fashion I prefer it, though would like to do a little fashion. But not too much, because I used to model and I get really bitchy - great in girl world but my beau does not go there. Being he is more important to me than being head bitch. Rarely at the events I work at where you have to be a bitch to survive. 

Back to the champagne bar soon everyone swarmed in and it became a cocktail party with canapes going around, not much though, but I think because we got a table we got 3 things. I do love scallop. Did see a couple other things floating around that we didn't get to try. Story of why I'm not into cocktail parties, it's a taste or a sample only. I prefer to go to dinner. 

For those who don't drink and are missing out there was sparkling water. 

Sidetrack for a moment. A marketing stratergy is exclusivity, when something is exclusive it makes you feel special, the VIP treament. It's designed to put you in a good mood along with a glass of champagne so that you spend more than you normally would. How does this relate to the event? When purchasing tickets I was lead to believe there were only 25 tickets on sale (selling) which created a sense of urgency to purchase them immediatly. Was it exclusive? No, tickets were just realased in batches of 25 to give the illusion. More than 250 tickets were sold.

Elektra Live - Electric Violins

We soon discover that my area of photograph is not events. That or I really do need to find the user manual to figure out how to get a faster shutter speed.

The show was good, most of the models look the same - it's meant to be like that because really they're walking (stick insects) mannequins. Top left picture, that top is slimming because of the optical illusion that is created by the curving lines and selection of colour. 

No bra/headlights on was a popular look. Note that this is the autumn/fall and winter collection - it will be a lot colder than this! Middle look is a bit much for me, too much going on. That and I had thought the black circle was a hat, it's actually a handbag. 

My favourite theme was women with a touch of masculinity, we like those hats!
Though it's not for everyone, this whole look looks like 40s detectives. 

This dress is for very tall thin people, horizontal lines widen your body and shorten it.

While I didn't see anything I'd buy I did get inspiration. Love lace overlays and polka dots.
Though I'd wear it differently, I hate the neckline and no sleeves combo on the left. The right looks like she's wearing a crop top tube and a sheer polka dot top over it. Could be improved by extending the lining to fill out the top under the dots.

Could we make the body of the dress with sweetheart neckline and extend the lace to go over it? Add more lace over skin or add coloured sleeve, because at the moment your eye is instantly drawn to her shoulder/arm area.

Flowing coats we like! But how does it stay on like that?

A symphony of Beethoven's was performed, not the 4th or 5th though.

Didn't find out if those flowers were real. Amazingly the violinist wore these 20cm+ heels! 

Program for the fashion festival. Virgin outbid L'Oreal as the major partner sponsor.
Hence the name change, like Telstra Dome and Ethihad Stadium

Now onto the best part - showbags! This is the reason why we went, the tickets were $25 and to me was selling the showbag. Which they valued at $800.  

Oh and cause there were spare seats some people got free seats (that everyone else paid for - not cool!) good to see that it wasn't the attractive people that got them but rather normal people. But still not cool as almost everyone else bought tickets. 

Back to the showbag, what they mean is the total value, some items plus a few targeted at the 'girl next door' type with naturally curly hair who wants straight hair, hair type: normal, and she likes to tan. 

Most of that $800 is all vouchers, I found one that a great one (make-up application from NP) but all the others are spend $200/300+ and get $50 off, that kind that promotes spending money you wouldn't have without the incentive. 

The actually physical items are worth less than $50. Though I am happy with the food contents, I was hoping for make-up, an assessory (perhaps a brande scarf) and a designer key chain. Disappointing. The earlier session received a different bag, Coach was a major sponsor of that one. But we don't know what they got...    

Cute earring, make-up application (not valid for Weddings and Saturdays) - I'm hoping to get wedding style, but more drama than your normal natural mainstream bridal look. Nine West had an instant shine foam block, on my hands nothing happened, but it works very well on my patent leather wedges. 

Beauty samples and hair things.

Every showbag has that one thing that doesn't fit in - in this case it was a pen. Should have came with a mini notepad. :P Perfume samples are rare these days, I remember a time when they had vouchers for them often, nowadays it's a free sample with purchase. Love the organza bag idea.

Vouchers, one doesn't come with a minimum spend.

I love this idea, lip balm inside a Ferroche Rocher chocolate. Unfortunately it smells funny... but I was thinking you could remove the lip balm and perhaps add a miniature ring cushion and add a ring! Great proposal idea, it would come out on the dessert platter with among other real chocolate. Just a theory because I'm not sure if the diameter of the inside circle works. 

Do you go to fashion shows just for the showbags?

Have you ever bought anything you saw on runway?

Blogger Sally Li said... on March 21, 2014 at 1:44 PM  

did you have dinner before or after the show. Normally when I go to things like this, I usually get dinner before I come

Blogger Charlie said... on March 21, 2014 at 9:52 PM  

Isn't it a bit early to have dinner before? I had dinner on the train on the 2hr trip to Chadstone, I don't live that far away but my college is far far away.

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