Sunday 9th March

The clock at the church chimed eight as I arrived for work - not late just in time. Thought we were leaving at eight though and not just meeting up. Couldn't find the table for a while so we borrowed one from the shop then returned it (table found). 

Drove to Geelong, set-up next to an empty marquee to discover we could have used that one (thought someone else was going to use it). :P There was lots of poles but we did figure it out, the marquee didn't do so well with windy conditions. 

We were there 10-3.30pm and didn't sell anything (we sell memberships) as the demongraphic was wrong and we were far far away from HQ, where more people would buy them. I'd buy one if I didn't work weekends.

The location was the 'Motor City Music Festival' in Geelong. For the Sunday tickets started from $52 (1 adult + 1 under-18), each adult can have two kids and you can get another child ticket for $5 after the first included one. You must have really liked the music to go IMO. 

The festival wasn't that big, it was made of rides, a couple bars/music warehouse/sheds and the typical carnival food. As it was 30c+ it was very hot and they weren't many people about - they would come later in the afternoon. There was food and games, carnival style as well a few Sunday markeet style stands.

As were not busy at all we had time to explore. Stationed opposite the $2 5 scratches win a huge plushie game, we saw 8 people win over the time we were there. 1 in 25 I think, but we also had a theory that a winning ticket is given out when there's a crowd around. Because as soon as someone wins people will buy tickets, and only once did two people win in a row. 

He worn a big fluffy purple hat and talked throughout the day non-stop, that was pretty amazing and he was in the sun too, it was hot, annoyingly so, even in the shade. Sad puppies plushies were popular and one person picked the panda with green bamboo, someone also got a green gorilla.   

Beside him was the table tennis balls and clowns game. All was missing was that duck fishing game where each duck has a number/letter and everyone gets a crappy prize, just like the clown game.  

$10 rock climbing, $5 jumping castle. You will burn yourself on that castle. Ticket booths must have been awfully hot! And yet there were people in there, even though no one went on any of the "rides" while we were there. 

Typical carnival food/snacks, cotton candy (which I still think is the same as cotton balls but with sugar and colouring) and snow cones aka artificially flavoured and coloured ice. I actually remember the first time I had a snow cone, it was on our first trip to Sydney, back then there was a theme park called Wonderland where I got on a ferris wheel, wanted to get off and cried a lot - I don't do heights!

All that's missing is a hot dog stand and we have all the American Carnival foods.

Have you always wanted to try something roasted on a spit? It's seen as a manly thing like BBQing, especially in Texas. Reminds me of the show 'GCB' which I loved but it was cancelled. The characters had lots of personality though the plot was missing something.

Lunch, food choices include typical carnival food (hot chips, hot dogs, fairy floss, snow cones, potato swirl on a stick with MSG powder) and other random things like a slushie stall, two dumpling stalls at the opposite ends of the food area (not the same brand), and some random ones in between.

The only coffee place, which didn't have chocolate milkshakes. The coconut corn looked tempting, but not on a 30 degrees day sadly. We shall visit Mamasita again soon! 

I would have loved to see a sushi/salad and Boost bar - there was no healthy food present at all. Also we would have been delighted to see a fresh coconut bar, as in they sell coconuts and you can drink from them.   

There was a market stall area, one stand sold t-shirts. That sour gummy stall is at every event! Mainly at expos though, the ones that don't have food as a main feature. Did you want a tattoo? They're spray on and temporary. Can I get one that says "All aboard!"? :P

There was 'Round the Way Bagels'! That's were we had lunch, the guy with the green eyes is really nice (the owner I think). Had the caesar chicken bagel w/o bacon which was very good, I prefer the cheese. As always use serviettes as it will drip! Though we're still forever searching for the one with cranberries.

2 for $5 Hair Clips - Regret not buying a couple now.

There was one stand that stood out Daisy Dayz (who's fb page doesn't turn up...). This woman sells craft things that she mainly made herself, and she has great prices (we all know that handmade things are expensive due to labour). Got a picture of some of my favourites, she does a lot of owl products, I say kids hats for $10, and a toy/cushion for $5.

Grosgrain ribbon headbands and satin flowers not in my size, same with the petticoats.

Knitted (?) Owl Hats for Kids $10

Moss Mushrooms & Bunnies. I love that door (designed to stick above the skirting board on your wall) but don't know where to put it. $15 fake grass scenes - love this! She also sells 4 mushrooms for $2. I have one from the hotel we stayed at around Christmas one year. ;)

Packed up, must faster to take down the marquee than set-up. There was a tap with boiling water outside, due to the weather. Stopped by an amazing cheap fruit/veggie shop on the way to the freeway, 60c small strawberries and 50c corn on the cob, full-size. Mother wanted the corn, she said some, I bought 4, what she meant was at least 10. :P Need to be more specific. The corn was super fresh and sweet, the best I've had in ages. Far more superior and cheaper than the 4 smalls in a tray at Coles. 

It was near V-Line Geelong station, going towards the city before a Shell petrol station. Also it was in a 3 way intersection, if you see a strip of shops you've gone too far. 

Overall we have a fun trip to somewhere far far away. The only downside was that we didn't sell anything and I missed my dance class. Oh and they did play some music I recognized by ABBA and also "Proud Mary".

Do you like to go to music festivals?

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