Populaire - 2014 French Film Festival @ Sunday, March 23, 2014

 21-year-old Rose (Deborah Francois) longs for a new life away from her grouchy widower father and the mechanic to whom she is engaged. So so she travels to Lisieux to find a job. Once there she meets the charismatic insurance agency boss Louis Echard (Romain Duris), who’s looking for a secretary. The interview is a disaster but Rose reveals a special gift — she can type at extraordinary speed and, unwittingly, the young woman awakens the dormant sports fan in Louis. If she wants the job she’ll have to compete in a speed typing competition! 

Late 50s Style Movie Poster. 

This charming film features all the wonderful fashions of the era, lending a rich visual element to the jaunty, romantic tale of a man, a woman and the typewriter that binds them. Taking its title from a well-known brand of French typewriter, Populaire is sure to be an audience favourite, scoring highly in words-and laughs-per minute."

Marie Taylor - Louis's long-time crush and his best friend's wife.

District competition.


Annie Leprince - Two Time Winner (France). 

World Championships - NY

Great picture though I feel as though a red dress would better. 
I'd love to do a 50s photo shoot.

How far away is that little town where Rose lives to Paris? 3hrs+ in modern day.

I really enjoyed this film! We saw it twice! They said it's like Mad Men era, not sure as I've never seen that, but I did like the costumes and the story. My favourite dress is the beatiful purple satin dress worn by leprince (the record winner for France), she's treated like royalty till she looses her crown. She's so pretty and glamourous, but a bitch. 

My favourite scene was when Rose goes home for Christmas and then comes back to Marie (2nd lead female) who drives her back to Louis. They end his place and Marie asks "Shall I tell them or will you?" referring to Rose - and she introduces Rose as his fiance! XD

Great movie for anyone who loves MadMen or the 50s! While I didn't pay for the tickets (won them) this is a film I'd pay to see. Oh and it was very popular indeed for the theatre was almost full save for the front row! 

Oh and something odd I noticed was that people drink coffee/tea from bowls instead of mugs/cups! Google says it's so they can dip their crossiants and bread/brioche into. I recall mother doing that with a milky coffee drink she used to make.  

Meanwhile while all this was happening le beau was with  Dvorak and Beethoven.

Do you like seeing French Films? Mad Men?

Btw you can download this one online with subtitles. ;)

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