Sunday 4th May

On this cold winter day (pretty certain it's winter) we went to an expo-ish event, Better Homes and Gardens Live at Melbourne Showgrounds, where they have a pie in the sky.

Arriving early (yes 10am is early) there wasn't many people about (less than <200) which was nice. Explored a little and bought le beau some of his favourite salted caramel. The rest of the day was spent lining up, in workshops and more exploring, though we did not venture outside for it was cold and wet. The outdoor stage gave out disposable clear raincoats.

Meanwhile le beau was drilling away creating a 6pk bar (a slab?) drink cabby. Pre-cut wood was provided along with power tools, they drilled it together and did some sanding (le beau explains it like using a nail filer). He's not cool with me painting it Tiffany Blue, as I don't want to keep it. Instead he's going to paint it fire engine red and give to one of his housemates who likes beer - as it's a beer holder. 

The Cafe Area

Pretty Aprons, A Paper Rose & Something I Bought

I love this display everything was pretty and pastel. Must make bunting for a cake sometime.

Freckles or 100s & 1000s!

 That Candy Store at Almost Every Expo

Le beau's favourite caramel 

I like this picture, even if I hate cuffs. Which to me are Ancient Egyptian Inspired.

At every show I go to I want to get at least one thing to keep, we found laser cut stall that sold brooches! And we bought a bunny brooch. I do like it. :) Though have yet to wear it.

Cool LED Mushroom!

Yes that is real fire, no touchie.

Every stall has an odd stall that doesn't quite fit in, here it was the psychic and a 'Sell your Backyard' (new cash converters for the poor) stall. Why the hell would you sell part of your land? You property will be worth nothing.

Those look nice, sprinkles is always a good idea. 

Went exploring, and we got free apple juice samples, this one was amazing! 

Unfortunately it's hard to get and not in the city. 


We did a pompom making workshop with the craft editor Julia, who was lovely. That sounds such a fun title, her job title! There were two ways to make pompoms using different tools. The semicircle-ish one which made big fluffy not so dense ones.

Here's the tools we used. 
Darice Easy Knitting Pom Pom maker aka pomopm loom. And the original donut one, a tip was to go DIY at home with a cereal box, and also don't go one string at a time, I did 4 arm lengths at a time.The donut pompom maker $3, clover pompom makereBay clover version, 4 sizes $3.35

These are the ones we made on the day. 

And later at home. I prefer the dense ones. 

The next workshop was with le beau (one workshop per person on this side) who signed up for me. We made a bracelet and used pliers to bend the wires. It was great, as I am going to try this at home as soon as I buy the pliers. I can also fix my own jewelry now, as I have all the bit and pieces that I never knew how to use.

Well organized the workshop had kits for everyone, unlike "every man for himself" at yesterday's disappointing workshop.

The Bracelet

Which you can make into a necklace. 

The Beads 

Buying pliers online is challenging, Spotlight sells them they pretty much don't have an online store, Lincraft has 3 for $20 or $15 each no idea which is better, and Riot Art has no pictures. I'm going for ebay, set of 3 for around $8. Will let you know how that goes.

We took a break from girly workshops and went to the other area, where they did a lecture on photography tips. Most people there were bored and looked like they're there cause they got tickets and thought it was hands on. Lots of thinks learnt (I took notes) will make an effort to apply them at least once a week. 

Disappointment. Something I've been feeling a bit over the last two days. No. 22/20 if we were 10mins earlier we would have gotten tickets to the chocolate workshop. Note they said to come at 2pm, when we got there at 1.40 it was sold out. Badly organized I'd say as they didn't say this online at all. We planned to do 5 workshops, and ended up doing 3. I also missed out on the card making workshop. Very disappointing. 

Not much food indoors other than candy, caramel, honey, granola (it was nice, Jordan's), pretzels (huge doughy ones) and coconuts. Outside they had a typical hot food stall, we need quality food, food vans are always a good idea. 

When we left there was a rainbow! And it wasn't this dark. :P

We received free tickets from Spotlight in a competition.

We had fun at the event, and all learnt something. We'd recommend it if you were interested in what they were selling, and the show. If you're like me and just there for the workshops then maybe not. Unless you have free tickets, which we received from Spotlight (in a competition, nothing to do with the blog). 

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