Taj Indian Cuisine - Malvern @ Sunday, June 22, 2014

For dinner we found a menu in the kitchen and decided to go there, as if mr & mrs jas had dined/gotten take-away from there and kept the menu it must be decent. We were wrong - but the menu was old, as the prices had increased, making it go from a place with mains <$15 to over. We'll start with the food on this review, as the rest goes downhill.

This picture was heavily editing (just lighting) for the actually lighting see the last picture in this post, but put in some sunglasses first, for that's a picture from the outside with reflecting light.  

Mango Chicken $14.50 + Lamb Something $16.50 + Butter Chicken $14.50
+ Basmati Rice (Large) $4

Jack joined us and had the butter chicken, which was nice but flat in flavour, needs a lot more spices. I had the mango chicken which was interesting, like but wouldn't recommend. And Jas had the lamb something, but can't recall what.

Naan $2.50 + Garlic Naan $3

The garlic naan was very light (unlike last time, at Monash Tandoori?) and if I didn't know it was garlic I would have said it was plain naan (which we also ordered).

Onto ambiance and lighting. There was none just low white lighting with a single tealight candle. If you have low lighting it's warm and you need candles, for a romantic atmosphere. Here it was "I forgot to turn on/or change the light bulb" white lighting.

Across the street, outside there was better lighting. 

For the three of use, 3 dishes, 2 serving of rice, 2 servings of naan and a coke cost a bit over $70.  In summary it was more $$ than normal for Indian food, with flat flavours. Not recommended. The butter chicken we had earlier this week in the city was better. 

Should note that for prices I'm referring to their take-away menu which is different to eat in prices. e.g. Mango Lassi $5 take-away, $6 dine in. Prices were high when you dine there.  

We didn't order drinks as this place is $$ ($15+ a main) and there was rices up to $11 a serving, also that mango lassi drink was $6, might as well get a bubble tea or coffee in the city. 

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Blogger James said... on June 18, 2015 at 7:28 PM  

Tottaly false review.if u cant spend u should go for a coffee.

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