Emily Owens, M.D. @ Wednesday, July 24, 2013

A new show I've been watching is Emily Owens, M.D. a medical drama. It seems like medical dramas aren't as popular as crime dramas it seems these days. I'm not into medical dramas as I can't deal with the blood and incisions  something my SIL Helen encounters daily as a surgeon. I'm not normally scared of bodies - unless its been mummified or something. 

I find this show a bit flat on drama really, yes people die, but it's not dramatic or anything. At the moment I'm also watching Desperate Housewives, The Mentalist and CSI (Vegas & Miami) which have lots of drama. We can see why it got canceled after one season.

The Cast

Plot development wasn't great. Two characters had their conflict resolved, Micah Barnes, whose sister fakes being pregs to get their mother Joyce to go through chemo when she was ready to go. And Dr Bandori who's married to her career and so her husband wants a divorce, though she realizes what's important. Through the season she becomes more human. Emily, our protagonist herself does not go through any development. At the start of the season she has a thing for her friend Will though he doesn't feel the same way, she spends a large part of the show getting over him, only for him to realize he likes her and they end up together in the finial episode. 

Will Collins - Emily's Love Interest

He looks better with glasses. :P

Cassandra Copelson - The Antagonist

Dr Bandori - Attending Physican

Tyra - The Best Friend
Chief's Kid - Likes Girls

Micah Barnes - The Resident & Emily's Friend/Mentor...

... who has a thing for her. 

Doesn't he look a bit like BBC Merlin? It's the hair.

If there's one reason to watch this show it's because of Michael Rady :P. I'm big on costumes and have to say, he looks much better in a suit, and in the Mentalist he looks good - even when dead.

Luther Wainwright - Season 3 CBI Boss  

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