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Monday 15th June

Just a peak before dinner. :P

There's nothing better than arriving home to parcels on the doorstep after we wonder how the hell the mail man got past the gates!. Today's mail was a black faux-satin polyester shirt, perfect timing as I need it for work on Friday. A few letters, a gift and a box of Tim Tams! :) Most awesome edible prize I've ever won - I think. Quality over Quantity. 

I do love Tim Tams ^_^. 

Arrived just in time for work, mid-yr orientations  We did tours, which included a tour of Degraves for some reason (it was on the list). Part of the first group weren't cool with that, though the 2nd group, boys, were much nicer. Boys like food. I like food. There was a guy filming the tour which was a bit scary. Fortunately I was wearing make-up. :P

Other people working the event were nice. One guy was fascinated that I was fascinated in the window cleaners (we're on level 9 you need a harness and to abseil down the building). I've never seen the windows so clean! (That was a bit before I saw the cleaners). The boys chatted about cricket, apparently there's only 10-ish countries that participate. England, AU & NZ, Indian, Pakistan and other countries with coloured people.

After the tours lunch was provided, Subway fresh subs. I had the chicken and seafood, oh wow the seafood is amazing! Even if I think it was crabsticks which is imitation crab made of low quality tiny fish. The website says 45% of the seafood part is fish. Just fish, no other details. But I do love Subway catering. :)

Not taken on the day. 

We finished early and so I went to get a smoothie. Along the way I a bookshop, allbooks4less are having a closing down (by mid next yr) sale all $5 books now $3. Found a couple books I like, but only bought one, the only educational one. 

I had the "Strawberry Lush" from Feeling FruityStrawberries + Apple Juice + Yoghurt. I like it, though it feels, well low in fat. What I didn't like was that you couldn't order any drinks with an ice (water) base with yoghurt/ice cream instead. At Boost I always get no ice. Service was meh, she wasn't friendly, mediocre typical Breadtop level service. They had a deal a while back, for $3 drinks.  

Long trip to my card class. On the train I said the girl opposite my had cool contacts. They weren't contacts... Pretty sure they are, asians don't have nice patterns with different shades of brown. 

Today we made two cards. A 50s blue swing dress birthday card, which I really like (after I added the glitter) and another card with a flower we threaded.

Notice the diamante necklace.

Glitter glue makes paper curl...

You can't see it, but those little dots are 2mm rhinestones. There's also peach glitter.

Accidentally used too much glue, hence the glitter cover-up.
This is the inside of the orange card by the way.  

It's currently 11pm, I'm very sleepy and in love. I put the ring back on today :) while I love the ring I'm not a ring person and only wear it out and about. I love having a constant reminder of le beau with me :).


Yesterday was a sick day. :( I'm sick though I can't tell if it's the same or getting worse...

Gifts. Yes it's food. :P

Today we met up with our mates (their words not mine, I don't like the word mate or buddy)  or at least we were meant to. I got partnered with a girl and guy, the girl is coming next week, and I was going to meet the guy today. I assumed, he didn't say he wasn't coming but then again he didn't say he was. It was just a presumption that he'd be at the bar. Later we discovered he hasn't arrived yet and failed to tell me that. 

It wasn't that bad as there were others who couldn't find their partner (browse and check out name tags, if they had one). I would have preferred it if they read out names so you know who you're with. There was thin crust pizza, the lamb no one went near. I'd slept in and got nachos (that I ate before they got soggy this time :P) on the way to the bar. I've never been to a bar in Australia (being a bit of an alcoholic among other things) but one of the girls said the drinks were $$$, she bought something orange in a bottle that was $9. These days I prefer to spend my $ on food and desserts.

Madmex Nachos 

Left the function early as it wasn't my thing and went to BonBons to check out their cakes. $25 cakes, a couple of designs exactly like Breadtop. The difference: BonBons has great service, the guys there are very friendly. It's the opposite to Breadtop where only girls work out front. Whatever they're trying to do it's not working, as all those girls are the same (I kid you not, this is a rare occasion where all asians might as well look exactly the same). Didn't really see anything I really liked.

Next shop, Maxim's in Chinatown. Famous for their (asian style?) egg tarts. We (le beau & co & I) love their cakes, single serve for around $2.40. They have swiss rolls, apricot jam coconut cakes, chocolate logs and other cakes. We like to think of it as the original Breadtop (with the category being asian owned and operated bakeries). One of the girls was very helpful in choosing a cake, not pushy at all. She recommended the tiramisu, as she said it didn't have too much cream. 

We ended up with the fruit decorated cream vanilla sponge (19.50).

She said you can't take pictures in the store... even of the cake I just bought! Manager's rule. Oh come on it's not like I'm going to replicate that cake, plus it's a common cake, not one of a kind. Advantages to having a smart phone. 

The cream tasted similar to the ones from Cake World, but it had better sponge, lighter & fluffier. I love it! And would recommend it, if you're serving 5-6 max. Though you can get it in bigger sizes, but you do have to order it. I was going to order but since it was already there and freshly made today I bought it on the spot. Completely out of character, more of a last minute 'forgot someone's birthday' move. 

What did mother think? (The cake was for her birthday.) Like but no. Too much cream. Sweetness is alright, not too sweet. (That's a good thing.) Mother's opinon doesn't mean anything though, as a knee length skirt/dress is "too short" and she believes if you were raped you were asking for it. There is a time when you'll stop believing what you're told and form your own believes.

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Those cards are gorgeous!

Love brown paper packages tied up with string. ;)

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