Black Dresses & Green Tea @ Monday, January 13, 2014

Monday 6th January

Made baked eggs and toasted sugar & butter baguette.  Trains are running on summer timetables (wtf does that mean?) meaning no expresses after 10am instead of the usual 12.30pm. :(

Coffee! Always good service here unlike at school where the cafe motto seems to be "you gotta do what you gotta do", free muesli bite (or four) and kiss (Hershey's) and the coffee's only $3 (small size). Cheapest nice coffee. Never tried 7 Eleven's coffee, probably never will.

Library copies and scans for a police check. So many forms. :( Target, the front of the panties was fine but the back makes me look fat. A line down the middle ain't slimming. 

Bought a lace one instead, we needed something to match that bra. It has a string of pearls across the top back, is that comfortable? Surprisingly yes, that or I was too tired to notice.

Target has a range of black dresses potentially the 'Little Black Dress' and they're only $30.

Green Tea Soft Serve from Rice Workshop, it was nice, I'd get it again.

My picture is coming up next week.

Shopping, getting a scarf or necklace. Scarves out of stock as all their summer stuff (like half the store) had 30% and that included things already on sale. Bought a necklace that looks amazing in real life, it shines and sparkles. Looks $$ - is $$ was $50 when it first arrived. Online it looks average as the sparkles isn't captured. With my giftcard I got it for 30c! Good things come to those who wait (because before there was nothing that much on sale that I liked). :P

Lunch at Bing Boy. Had the prawn, all the spinach came out in one bite which was sad. Prawns had no marination, but there was sweet chili sauce, it was nice but underwhelming. The duck is much much better. While we didn't have time for lunch at the park we did sit opposite one. :)

Training for the event next week, assistant to the manager. Aboard a ship, sounds fun! There'll be a treasure hunt and simple craft activities. Training dvds, almost fell asleep with the first after a while. The second, topic: harassment, I didn't do it... which included about 12 examples, mainly mean girls things. Like hiding work, pushing chairs in the way of wheelchair people (before they got there), stealing the mail, excluding them by actively getting up and moving away in the lunchroom. I sit alone so that ain't an issue. There was one case of ass grabbing, why didn't she just grab his shoulders and knee him where it hurts the most? She has a right to do that as he started it. 

Back to the library for more scans, they're open late tonight. Police station to sign stuff, the guy was nice. Got some doughnuts (and ate half while waiting to get picked up)... They don't do the mini calender I like :( nice asian guy (who remembers me O.o) at OW said it's something they have every couple/few years, not a staple.


Left at 7.50am, bus was late, train was replaced by buses, but then there was an express train. :) Class, got a big project, the Disney project. We have to decided where to put it, KL, Rio or Cape Town. Maybe Rio? My part is to research the countries. One of the boys said Rio has a crime issue. All three places are hot. :( I don't want to go outside. We ended up settling on KL. Rio had crime, Cape Town had AIDs + Poverty. Disney = family fun. 

Meet a girl who's doing eco and studying hospitality, she said don't do it, works at a restaurant at a hotel. She's great at being very assertive (saying no when you don't want to do something or can't), I'm working on it as that's pretty much how I hurt myself. It must be nice to always have your uniform dry cleaned before each shift. :)

Isn't this pretty?

Late to lunch, no I don't want to be a mormon, if I wanted to join a church I can do it myself or ask a friend. They're everywhere! It's like mormon season or something, a group of them are here from Utah and targeting college students (they're outside 3 of them, in the city and out west). Normal people travel for holidays, work/study, would that count as work? We were watching them from the classroom (up high and safe from them) and it looks like they're targeting asian girls. I've noticed they all seem to speak chinese (?).

Lunch, no I didn't finish all of it. Fries were to be shared.

Bunny! Love watching them clean their ears, it's so cute! ^_^

The first signs of 'Single Awareness Day' oh how I hate thee.

We found twinkie bars! Well that was disappointing... Back when we were little we bought snacks, unhealthy candy/cakes, to school (before the school outlawed unhealthy foods) and often had these. But now that we know better, and that fresh is best they've changed. Or rather our taste buds have. Yellow cake with cheap tasting cream. God knows how long ago they were made, and they're almost always expired here. Can't believe we used to have these all the time. Nowadays we prefer freshly baked cupcakes from 'Little Cupcakes' and 'Cupcake Central' (Cupcake Bakery uses packet mix).

What do you think of twinkie bars? By the way they're $3.50 (same price as a fresh muffin) each at the US/UK candy store opposite Hairhouse Warehouse at Melbourne Central. 

They also have mint & raspberry M&Ms for $7. This place is expensive. For my American candy fix I go to 'Discount Lollies Store' opposite Elsternwick station. Also if you're lucky you can get Junior Mints at Kmart/Target.


Exhausted we spent the day asleep, surfing sand. Missed a group meeting... and going shopping. Got a letter from "le beau" that isn't in his handwriting and sent from home... Wonder who it's from, a poem by Lord Byron.


Got to class early, even had time for lunch. Peking Duck at Bing Boy, my favourite. Accident prone? Yes got the sauce all over me. :( Best bing IMO, though I don't eat pork.

Productivity happened in class, our best on the reading test so far. While I missed the meeting yesterday I did do all the research stuff, and today did the pros/cons. Homework is to make the slides for it. The boys were working on the next part, but they stuffed that up, so I took over that which which didn't go too well with the teacher who said we're working as two groups and not as one. It's faster for me to do it then let them mull over it for the past hour - and it took us about 15 minutes. 12 dot points. Missed two guys, the more competent ones as they had a clashing class. Presentation on tues. One of the boys needed the book for his part so I let him borrow my book. Death shall occur if he doesn't return it, or if it comes back in a different condition.

Dinner at Hero. Are they open? Door is closed and there's no sign. Yes they are, chef just wasn't happy with the sign. Had the shrimp/prawn sub which was good, but not as amazing as the kidroyale one which was very meaty. This one was very light and light with the comparison ratio of filling to bread. Still I like it, recommended? Meh, up to you.

We got take-away and had it next door at RMIT, the green area. 
It was so nice and cool. And green, that too. 

Mail. G is for Gentleman: Lessons In Life, Manners And Style. Been hunting down this book for a while, as it was only printed once in 2007 and there's limited copies floating around. We got this one for $15 delivered from the UK. Great book, le beau has the one for gentlemen ^ and I have the one for ladies - before we met! Pretty amazing I think. Here's a review.


Finally saw the dr, it's not good, we need minor surgery, keyhole surgery. I'm scared. Mother said no too risky (she calls herself a dr - but she's not a medical one). Totally freaked out (hell no, mother doesn't know what's best, she knows what's best that fits within her culture) and called le beau who passed the phone to Helen, she says I'll be fine. Unfortunately she is not a specialist on the area and won't be performing on me. But she did offer to make me a 'get well soon' pie. :)

The scan says I've always had the thingy but it was slave labour the event that activated it. Surgery has a recurrence rate of around 15%. Could disappear magically in some cases but not mine. :(

Cake made me feel better, it's not comfort eating, plus I shared it with Lucy. <3

Collecting fun erasers that I'll never use.

Lace and pearls I like. Though I prefer black lace with red rhinestones. Target had $2 stockings, this one is for a penpal. It even had the rare strawberry freddo which I've only ever seen at the corner shops in the city. Read one book this week, it was good but nothing amazing, too modern for my liking.

At some point this week we put stuff into storage, next week we'll be back for the gold glitter paint. Genius. Forgot we needed the paints for a stand thingy I'm revamping, and painting. As it's too heavy to move (for me) I shall be painting it indoors and we shall die from toxic fumes.

O.O Yoville will be closing! 31st March. Must take screenshots of every room in every house I own!

How was your first week back? 

Blogger Sally Li said... on January 13, 2014 at 11:40 AM  

did you buy the groupon for Hero which was $6 for a half sized sub and a bottomless drink?
I did and had a great time. You would love gelato Messina in Fitzroy

Anonymous Anonymous said... on January 13, 2014 at 7:44 PM  

$3 coffee in Melbourne? Where?!

Blogger Charlie said... on January 14, 2014 at 2:37 AM  

Hi Sally, yes I did buy that deal, two of them. And I think I've used up my soda limit for the month. :P Messina looks amazing, *adds it to places to go*.

Not sure if it counts as Melbourne, as it's 20mins away on the express. But in the city, on Flinders Lane near Pie Face there's a $2.50 coffee place. Also there's a church front cafe on Collins with big white pillars.

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