Hero Subs @ RMIT @ Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Hero is a gourmet-ish subway with pre-made options, no duck yet. It's over marketed IMO. We didn't get lost on the way there! It's between Wonderbao and Aldi, next to Roll'd. A tiny place there's seats for 3 (though they have an area sometimes open next door when busy). 

Kid Royale - Slow-roasted hickory-rub beef, onion jam, 
honey dijon, baby spinach and onion rings.

We had the #kidroyale which had lots of flavour. It was also very meaty which I found was too much, as I prefer it light. But all the guys would have loved it. I had the half size and it was huge! (Tastes bigger than it looks.) 

We also had fries that were also huge (one sz only unless you get a combo) as this place is American, it was about the size of the drink. Another plus is that with the deal we bought you could get refills!

The fries are bigger than McD's large size I think, it was about the size of my drink! Seasoned with what tastes like BBQ powder and almost noodle seasoning. Crunchy but not oily. Think of it as McD's fries but with different flavours and less fluffy on the inside. Wish they had a size half the size of the regular one. Also you can get a range of dips for them. 

I ate the onion rings before the sub, they're lovely. They should sell onion rings as a side.

Sides & Dessert

Seafood Option 

The catcher was very good too, but not anywhere as amazing as the #kidroyale. But it was lighter. Nicer than subway? Meh. Skip this one.

Next door, where the mormans can't get you. :P

I like it but don't love it, highly recommend the #kidroyale for the guy and fries to share. Best to get take-away and sit in the longue area next door or on the lawn outside the library a couple blocks away. Not too far if you bought refills. 

Everything was huge and so we were very full, I had to get half the fries take-away (mother likes them,  which is saying something because for her life is too sweet/fattening). We shall be back for the donuts! Oh and the staff are lovely.

Oh and I bought the groupon/ourdeal offer so we paid $6 for a half (6 inch) sub and bottomless drinks. Chips are $4 and are design to be shared or for one American. Would I come back and pay full price? Yes but only for the fries.

What do you think of Hero? 

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