Recaps of 2013 - March @ Thursday, January 09, 2014

Classes, MOB, mob tut turned out to be mr eco no.2. :) Events, mr and miss events are really nice. Miss Events looks like an asian version of ms hoh. Missed PD, never liked it anyway. 

Went looking for books on globalization and found the Mind Gym. Great book.

Class excursion, the class where I know/recognize no body except the teachers. Parts of the expo we went to were amazing! Next time I'm bring the DSLR.

Contract law, the tut was canceled as only one person (not me this time) bought the work to class. Mr law was unpleasantly surprised to see me on the same train and carriage as him XD though I did get there first. I ran, he walked and still made it. O.o

Won a handbag! Indy C Skull Studded Satchel. This is cool because its got skulls on it, also because I don't really buy handbags - not a handbag person. I'm a backpack person. But this one is pretty big. 

Had lunch with mob project partner. Why is this significant? I have never had lunch with anyone from school (other than teachers). Though project partner and I don't have anything in common other than we went to the same school (before college).

Discovered flats. I never knew the ground was so textured and hot! We say no to flats unless you're asking me to wear them indoors only. Someone borrowed my shoes - not cool.

Oh law how I've missed you but didn't realize it. Mr law's teaching style involves questions, mildly entertaining as no one including me knows the answer and we all get confused with analyzing cases. 

Dessert at Cacao Green. Pomegranate with NY cheesecake and lychee boba. 

Purple Peanuts - Teriyaki Chicken

Lily & I went to a VIP Skincare Party at Lush, where we had a facial massage, mask treatment, in-depth consultation and got to make a product. No I wasn't invited because I'm a blogger, that has yet to happen. :P

We love Lush's massage bars. This one is le beau's favourite. 
He's not in favour of glittering like a vampire unlike me. :P 

Had our 3rd anniversary! <3 

Finally did a post on one of my favourite local-ish cafes. The Kitchen in Elsternwick. 

Madsion & L'Oreal Event at Priceline. Goodie Bags! I prefer 'show bags' though. 
Used 2/4 products, gifted the nail polish to a penpal.

Dinner with Freud at 'The Beach'. Degustation Menu, we'll be back. :) Well I will anyway.  

Anonymous Anonymous said... on January 10, 2014 at 11:02 AM  

Those shoes are so lovely!

And happy 3rd anniversary!

Blogger Charlie said... on January 10, 2014 at 3:14 PM  

Thanks :)

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